RAW Classic Masterpiece Rolling Papers and Pre-Rolled Tips

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RAW Classic Masterpiece Rolling Papers and Pre-Rolled Tips

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RAW Classic Masterpiece is a perfect set. It includes:

  • RAW Classic 3 Meter Roll King Size
  • 30 Handcrafted Pre-rolled Tips
  • Magnetic reusable box with a flap. The box holds down the paper to keep it organised for pulling on the cutting edge. 

RAW Rolling Papers are made of unbleached no chemicals material for slow and even burning experience. RAW Classic Natural Unrefined rolling papers are steam watermarked. Watermarks create an even smoke. They have RAW criss-cross imprint for an even perfect burn.

With this perfect set you can use Pre-rolled Tips or famous RAW Glass tip.

Raw Rolling Papers are made in Spain, the region called Alcoy. It the birthplace of rolling papers. RAW creates rolling papers with a pure natural organic Acacia gum that grows in Ethiopia. 

Do you want to have a total freedom to create whatever comes to your mind? RAW Classic Masterpiece Kingsize Rolls gives you that opportunity.

RAW Handcrafted Pre-Rolled Tips makes rolling experience super easy.

Each pack Includes:

  • RAW® roll king size
  • 30 logo branded pre-rolled tips


RAW Rolling Papers

Raw Connoisseur Rolling Papers

RAW Artesano Rolling Papers and Tips 3 in 1

RAW Masterpiece Rolling Papers

We have created a guide for an easy RAW Rolling Papers shopping experience, head to this link and check it out.

Eligible for return till 28 June 2020

This item ships worldwide.

In stock on 29 May 2020
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