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RAW Magnetic Rolling Tray Cover


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Can not review things I did not receive

I would love to leave a great review for these magnetic trays but unfortunately when my package came it only came with the bamboo folding tray that i ordered and did not have the 2 magnetic trays covers even though the order conformation said would be with it. I contacted the company and they said that they did not have the sizes that i ordered, but they did not inform me of that until after my package was delivered and did take my money for them as if they were shipped to me. Luckily after telling them that I did not receive these 2 magnetic trays they refunded me after contacting them a second time.

Magnetic tray lid

My magnetic tray cover arrived when I was told it would with no problems and with a few little goodies inside with my order. Happy as can be with ordering from ISmoke. Thanks for the customer satisfaction...

Great service!

I thought my order had taken a long time to ship. I sent an email asking if there was a problem, I was almost instantly assured that they knew of my order and that they were receiving my specific item at the start of the week. Once they had my item I was sent an email saying it was shipped and it was at my door in two days, with a couple great extras! Over all very friendly and fast service that helped the customer

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