RAW Black King Size Slim

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RAW Black King Size Slim

RAW Black Kingsize Slim are made for the best ever smoking experience ever. You get a long clean and smooth smoke. RAW Black is for huge and amazing smoke. Get your hits to the next level.

  • 32 leaves per pack
  • 50 packs per box

RAW Black is double pressed extra-fine for the thinnest, unbleached rolling paper ever made.

RAW Rolling Papers are made with 100% pure hemp paper,  natural blend of unbleached, chemicals free fibers that has a unique light brown color.  Each RAW rolling paper is watermarked with RAW patented CrissCross watermark.

This unique artisan paper is produced in Alcoy, Spain when the dry Valencian winds make humidity optimally low.

The thinness of these RAW Black papers requires the deft hands of a true Rolling Master.

RAW Rolling Papers

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Eligible for return till 3 July 2020

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In stock on 3 June 2020
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