11" Beaker Bong with Ice Pinch

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11" Beaker Bong with Ice Pinch

"Simple design with nice thick glass. Well packaged for delivery. Very happy!" - Martin S.

Height: 11" Approx

Weight: 420g Approx

Bottom Diameter: 10.5cm

Tube: 45mm x 5mm

Accessories included: downstem, 14mm bowl.

Clear glass

Includes Bowl

Thick Glass

14-14mm adapter 14mm nail and 14mm dome


Say hello to my icy friend! This is the champion – our most successful bong.

Why? In short, it has the best value for money. The price is as low as it can be for a decent bong, yet the quality composition has everything that defines a good device:

Hand-blown from thick glass
Ice pinch that makes smoking like inhaling air, no burning feelings and coughing
Simple but sound minimalistic design
Convenient size - neither big, nor too small

If you prefer simple and functional devicesover artsy-craftsy things, that is the perfect choice, simple form combines the best features of the water pipe and ensures magnificent smoking experience.

As soon as you start having one, check our guide about how to clean a bong, it is essential to maintain the quality and long life cycle.

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    My Baby Bong
    Decent device
    Beaker Bong
    Arrived on time
    Beaker Bong
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