Take a look at the watermarks create by RAW Rolling Papers for an even burn

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RAW Rolling Papers burn amazingly even and smooth. The secret here is the watermark. 

 RAW watermarks at ISmokeFresh.com

Watermarks has been around for hundred of years.  They are created by stainless wheal with inprint card into the wheel. So what it does it rolls the wheel over the paper to create RAW watermark inlay in the paper. 

What you will really notice is that when you smoke RAW rolling papers the burn gently and slightly follows the watermark. The RAW rolling paper watermark changes the burn a little bit and slows it down when it hits the watermark. You will notice when you smoke a different kind of paper that it burns only from one side.  

I really advice you to check out our section of RAW Rolling Papers and try it. We have same day shipment. Our products ship worldwide. 

RAW Rolling Papers

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Enjoy it!