Payment Methods



There are three payment options available on All three options are guaranteed to be both discreet and secure. Here, at ISmokeFresh our goal is to ensure payment is easy, straightforward, and always managed within the secure conditions facilitated by our payment service provider.

CREDIT CARD is able to accept a large selection of credit cards.

However not all of them.Should your payment fail the first time, you will automatically be redirected to a second payment page on which you can try again. 

In the event that your card isn't accepted on the second attempt, we kindly ask you to choose a different payment method instead.


This payment method offer a very simple way to pay for ISmokeFresh products that is both safe and anonymous. The steps are simple. Place your order and we will e-mail you detailed instructions how to make e-transfer. 

Please remember to mention your order number in the payment reference!



At we accept Bitcoins as a payment method. Bitcoins are a completely digital currency. Customers can send bitcoins using client software on a personal computer, mobile device, or web application. Bitcoin payments are easier to make than debit or credit card purchases. Simply enter the recipient's address, the payment amount, and press send. You as a customer are in full control of the transaction. It is impossible for us as a merchant to force unwanted or unnoticed charges.

Bitcoin payments can be made without any personal information tied to the transactions, offering strong protection against identity theft. Your payment is received almost instantly (about 5 minutes after you send it) so ISmokeFresh can start preparing your order right away.

Please note: Chargebacks/refunds are impossible when using bitcoins as a payment option.


Step 1: Go to the product page of the item you wish to purchase. If applicable, select the desired size or color, and choose the quantity to be added to your shopping cart.

Step 2: Click the “add to cart” button. In the right top corner, you can change the chosen variety and quantity if necessary. Click the “continue shopping” button if you want to continue browsing. If you’re ready to complete your order, click the “checkout” button.

Step 3: On the Shopping Cart page, you can verify if your cart contains the correct products in the correct quantities. It’s also possible to change the quantity and/or remove items from your cart. If you have a promo/coupon code, it can also be added at this point in the “promo code” field. Click “continue shopping” if you want to go back to the online smoke shop to add more items to your cart. Click “checkout” to continue with the ordering process.

Step 4 (OPTIONAL): Log in to your ISMOKEFRESH account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create one here.

Step 5: Choose a delivery and billing address.

Step 6: Choose your payment method.

Step 7: A final summary of the order will be shown. You can check your delivery and billing address, delivery method, and payment method here. If everything is correct, click “confirm” to place your order. If you chose to use a direct payment method (e.g. credit card), you will be redirected to the payment page. If you chose an indirect payment method (e.g. e-transfer), the instructions for this payment method will be displayed on the next page. You’ll also receive an email with these instructions. In either case, you’ll receive a separate order confirmation email as well.