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Shipping & Delivery

Check your inbox for a shipping confirmation email, which includes a link to track I SMOKE FRESH package. Still can’t find it? Email us at, and we’ll give you all the details on where your package is and when it’s expected to arrive. You can also check your order status by logging into your account. If none of those options work, please contact us using the “Submit a Request” link below. We’ll need your ship-to name, the email address you used to place the order and your order number. Once we have that info, we’ll get back to you ASAP with more details on your package status.

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We are sorry about that! In this case, please click the “Submit a Request” link below and provide us with:

- your name,

- order number and

- the item(s) you’re missing or received by accident.

We’ll handle the issue ASAP!

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No worries! All of our items and accessories have a 30 days warranty, which means we’ll replace the damaged item within 30 days from the time of purchase*. To get a replacement, click the “Submit a Request” link below and send us your name, shipping address, order number (if available) and a picture of your damaged item.  

Three exceptions: 

- We can only issue a replacement if you provide a photo of the damaged item. If an item has been altered in any way (i.e. if you cut, shortened), we can’t replace the item.

- We’re unable to replace lost or stolen items. 

- We can only issue a replacement if the item was purchased directly through our website.

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Due to COVID-19, we are currently shipping Monday–Friday.

If you place your order late in the week, your order may ship early the following week. You will receive an email when your package is on its way. Thanks for your patience!

All orders are subject to inventory availability and order verification which can delay shipment. Please make sure to provide accurate billing and contact information to facilitate the order verification process.

If we are unable to ship your order for any reason, we will notify you are soon as we are aware.

The order number can be located in the order confirmation email (sent as soon as the order was placed). It is a 4 digits number. It is also located in the shipment confirmation email if you have received one.

ISmokeFresh ships orders from multiple locations, which means parts of your order can be coming from different places. We will send you an email confirmation for each shipment with details and tracking information.

However we always try to ship from the location closest to you. Sometimes the inventory is only available farther away. This may mean you get some packages in 1-2 days and some take longer (depending on the shipping type).

It’s common for a package delivered by the USPS or Canada Post to be marked delivered 1 business day before it actually arrives at its final destination. Also, we kindly ask you to check with family members, neighbors, and apartment managers. If you still don’t have your package, please contact Customer Care and we will be happy to help!

Order tracking information may not be available to view immediately after you receive your shipping information.

If you do not see tracking information after a full business day has passed, please contact Customer Care.

To track your order or check order status, visit our Contact page and enter your order number.

For each shipment that goes out we send an email with the shipment details and tracking information.