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We love having conversations with our clients

Since day 1, when we decided to sell hand blown bongs, rolling papers, hand pipes and all other charms that are close to the herb lovers heart, our team had chosen a set of values that became the pillars of our business. We love to talk with our clients, lets get to know each other better, here are some facts about us.

Clients are most important

This is the very key principle of our business, we want to provide you the best connection to smoking culture in terms of the product range, convenience and loyal attitude. We are opened to our clients, you can always make an easy return, ask any inquiries or provide recommendations, we will gladly consider them as we keen on improving our work! *Buy now, pay later*

Money is not the main thing

Buy now – pay later. It is not a problem If you are short on cash that can be spent for fun. Get what you want – pay within 3 months.


We stand for high-quality and earth-friendly products that improve your smoking experience. Thinking about the environment is essential as just a little input from everybody can help to save our planet. Our operations are built in accordance to this idea, we reuse the carton boxes and other paper accessories. We save the trees and urge you to do the same while enjoying the natural herbs of our mother-earth.

The team is the main asset

The weed smoking community embodies fun, relaxation and creativity. We try to reflect those principles throughout our working hours as well. The ultimate goal is to work for fun providing a decent service while having friends around!

Our crew greets you and wishes wonderful trips.