These are unprecedented times. We know that you’re overwhelmed with news about COVID-19 as the impact continues to be felt around the world. Frankly, we are too.  

In light of world health and government recommendations we take extra precaution steps to ensure the well-being of our staff and most importantly the larger ISmokeFresh community. The health and safety of our global community, employees and customers is our top priority. While we recognize the stress and inconvenience this may cause, we strongly believe this is the best decision for everyone. 

What we do to create safe environment:

  • Sanitize every item we ship.
  • Use gloves and face masks when packaging your items.
  • Use only new boxes to ship the packages.

Although things are moving quickly, we are determined to keep you informed as things evolve via our website, social, and consumer emails. 

As always, ISmokeFresh.com will continue to function 24-7 as our distribution centers in USA and Canada have increased precautionary procedures ensuring deliveries will arrive safely. As always delivery is free over $49.

However please be patient. We expect delays with shipments.

Take care of each other and do what you can to stop this virus. 

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you soon.


You can contact us vis email or live chat.

Due to recent events with CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19), we are not able to accept calls. You can reach us by LIVE CHATS at this time.

You can also direct all inquiries to email and please allow for some delays in response time. We will respond ASAP.

ISmokeFresh team

COVID-19 Information: ISmokeFresh Services Are Fully Operational