RAW Killer Combo Cone Bubbler + Chiller

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RAW Killer Combo Cone Bubbler + Chiller

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Introducing the Famous RAW Killer Combo.

RAW bundle that makes life easier.

You get two bestsellers, two most discussed products with the best price deal.

RAW Glass Cone Bubbler - 

RAW Cone Bubbler

Handmade by famous RooR in California, U.S.A. RAW Cone Bubbler is made from borosilicate glass. It's extra-thick with an engraved cone-shaped holder (just to make sure your cone does not fall out). RAW Cone Bubbler also has a very special water-break backbone that stops water splashes from running away from the bow. RAW Cone Bubbler is made to enjoy.

RAW Glass Cone Bubbler is made by the RAW Company that is iconic for smoking culture. Glass Cone Bubbler creates an extra step between you and a joint by filtering the smoke through a tiny water chamber, thus making it cooler.  Bubbler quickly gained popularity in the smoking community for its design and convenience.

Raw Cone Chiller -

RAW Chiller

RAW Chiller is handmade in U.S.A. It is a device made to cool down the burning smoke of your cone.

How does it work?

#1 Place the RAW Chiller into the freezer for 10 minutes.

#2 Roll your joint.

#3 Place your cone into a RAW Chiller.

#4 RAW Chiller has a gel that keeps near freezing temperatures and greatly cools down the smoke. That means much bigger hits!

RAW Rolling Papers

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In stock on 19 September 2020

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RAW Low Key Backpack Review

RAW Low Key Backpack Review

agosto 30, 2020

I am so excited to use RAW accessories daily. I am super intrigued to get my hands on the new RAW Low Key Backpack. It doesn’t have as many logos as common RAW product hence it does not scream “I smoke weed” shout out  when you wear one.

Lee mas
Reverse or Cold-Start Dab Guide

Reverse or Cold-Start Dab Guide

agosto 16, 2020

Dabbing is becoming more and more popular in the cannabis community. Experienced smokers appreciate for its strong, clean hits and unmatched taste, which conveys the purest marijuana flavor.
Lee mas
5 Main Reasons to Try Breeding Cannabis

5 Main Reasons to Try Breeding Cannabis

julio 20, 2020

Breeding cannabis at home allows you to discover new strains and find out the balance of cannabinoid ratios and terpenes that will perfectly fit your taste. Moreover, as I side fact, you will be contributing into something bigger – enhancing the genetic diversity of marijuana species.
Lee mas
Why RAW Rolling Papers?

Why RAW Rolling Papers?

julio 16, 2020

Smoking a joint isn’t just a way to pass the time or get high as quick as possible. It is a creative ritual has its own formulas and variables. Choosing weed, rolling papers, joint form and mastering your rolling skills – the combination of this steps makes the process rather creative. Modern stoners are overwhelmed by the amount of marijuana strains and smoking accessories of the market.
Lee mas

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