Why you must try Arizer Vaporizer

febrero 10, 2020

Arizer Vaporizers at ISmokeFresh.com

Vaping has a number of advantages in compare to the traditional ways of smoking. It does not stink, hence you can smoke it basically anywhere. Moreover it does not tear your throat apart making the process more smooth and enjoyable. Some folks even find vaping to be stronger than getting a bong rib. Of course nothing can substitute the pleasure of good old joint, but hey, some sacrifices have to be made!

Either way, vapes conquered a solid position in the market of herbs. It is scientifically proved that the biggest harm of smoking is due to extremely heated smoke that comes into your lungs together with resins released during combustion. Vapes get cannabis bud or concentrate hot enough to release those good compounds that get you sailing, but not so hot the cannabis burns up into the smoke. The difference is obvious once you try it out, vape provides even smoother hit than huge bong filled with ice.

Once you decide that your lungs have to be treated better you will immediately ask yourself a question: which vape do I actually get? For the beginner, I would recommend something from Arise product range. As their devices combine a set of characteristics that are essential from my point of view:

  • Design – should look laconic and cool
  • Materials – no plastic, aluminium is the best choice
  • Reloading – should be done quick and simple
  • Long battery life – at least 1 hour of active working time
  • Convenient size – small enough to carry it in your pocket


Arizer Vaporizer follow simple principles, creating vapes that are effective and easy to operate. You can find decent portable solutions, such as Air Vaporizer with temperature control and quick load system, as well as fully fledged home stations that look like a super computer.

Vaping is great, I am sure everyone that tried it once loved it.

Certainly, it is worth trying!

Check the full Arizer Collection here.

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