Boveda 62% RH 4g individually overwrapped 600 count casepack

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Boveda 62% RH 4g individually overwrapped 600 count casepack

Size Guide
What is the weight of the flower?
How many boveda packs per ounce?
Easy to follow guide on how to choice the right Boveda size:
  • 4g / 0.14oz of flower.
  • 7-14g / 0.5oz of flower. 
  • 14-28g / 1oz of flower.
  • 112-450g / 15.8oz of flower.
  • up to 5lb / 80oz of flower.

Boveda will last longer and more efficiently if you add more than recommended.

"Boveda is simple to use! Toss the packs after they dry out and become hard. Replace with new ones. " 

—Tim S., I SMOKE FRESH Customer

1 pack of Boveda 4g is good for up to 1/2 oz. (14g) of flower. 

How Boveda keeps your flower fresh?

  • Boveda adds or reduces amount of humidity to keep your buds STICKIER! 
  • Keeps the weight of 420.
  • Boveda is safe to touch flower. All natural: it's water and salt.
  • 2 year in original packaging.
  • Shipping next business day.

How to use:

Step #1

Open the plastic transparent poly bag. 

Step #2

Place Boveda + Flower inside a sealed container or sealed bag. Don't break Boveda's brown paper bag.

Step #3

Boveda starts to work immediately. You will see the result the next day.

Boveda controls humidity level of your flower.


    Eligible for return till 4 August 2020

    This item ships worldwide.

    In stock on 5 July 2020

    Boveda 4g is perfect for regular users like yourself and me. It's small and powerful! 4g keep fresh up to 1/2 oz. (14g) of the flower.

    Inside the Boveda is a membrane that contains water and salt. This combination controls humidity level of you flower.

    Boveda Shelf Life is 2 years when stored in resealed original bag

    Boveda is shipped the same day if you place your order before 4pm EST. In rare cases we will need 2-3 business days to handle your shipment.

    Boveda humidity packs ingredients

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