RAW Artesano Rolling Papers and Tips 3 in 1

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RAW Artesano Papers is a 3 in 1 set. It will make your rolling experience even more enjoyable and easy. This is a really unique set. When you get RAW Artesano you have everything you need all in one pack. It is absolute hands-down ultimate in rolling art. Each RAW rolling paper is watermarked with RAW patented CrissCross watermark.

It includes high quality natural RAW naturally unrefined rolling papers, classic original tips, and a paper rolling tray.  These 3 essential smoking accessories are held together by a handy elastic cord.

This genius invention fits perfectly well in a pocket for maximum mobility and convenience with two sets of magnets. The tray is detachable so when you’ve used all the papers, remove the tray and keep it for future use. 

RAW Artesano pack is the best combination of rolling papers out there. This set includes everything any smoker needs, it's a perfect pack.

RAW Rolling Paper is made of natural hemp for a clean and smooth burn. When you choose RAW Artesano rolling papers, you are always prepared for just about anything.

Wherever you go it's so easy to cary because of the corner pockets on the outside cover of the package. As always RAW rolling papers are natural, unbleached, and vegan. Chlorine-free.

RAW Rolling Papers

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