Raw Connoisseur Rolling Papers

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Raw Connoisseur Rolling Papers is a combination of RAW rolling papers with RAW Classic Original Tips and a sleeve with natural rubber band. It is conveniently gripped together by an elastic band in a single package. 

Raw Connoisseur is really any smoker’s dream.

These packages has everything you need to roll your perfect joint.

Each rolling pack printed on ecologically-friendly paper using a patented process of thermography.

RAW Connoisseur rolling papers are a joy of the finest smoke out there. Each pack contains 32 papers and 32 tips, and a full box contains 24 packs.

You don't need to think about additives or dyes, RAW Connoisseur is a purity in its most natural form.

You can choose between RAW Classic Connoisseur and RAW Organic Connoisseur. 

RAW Classic Connoisseur is chlorine free and is processed in a natural manner. As a result you get a thin rolling paper that burns extra slow and extra clean. RAW Rolling Papers uses a custom crisscross run-preventing watermark. RAW is famous for a clean and smooth smoke. You will find is as natural, light and pure.

RAW Rolling Papers

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