King Palm

King Palm is a natural cone that is ready to be filled with your favourite herb.

The cones are made from codia leafs. It's not tobacco, does not containpreservatives, artificial flavors, or glue.

Every pack comes with a special bamboo packing stick to help you fill up the cones.

What is a Palm King cone?

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Inside of the King Palm cone there is a filter. In fact it's a very special corn-husk filter. It means that it's also natural without any chemicals in it. The filter is super flexible, you can bite it and squeeze it. 

The corn husk tips are so cool and popular that you can buy tips separately. 

Corn husk filters are sold separately 5 pcs in 9 millimeter diameters.

Few words about the production of King Palm. As mentioned King Palm is a natural leaf rolls and corn husk filters. It's environmentally sustainable, no trees are cut down.

King Palm cones are made in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Codia leafs are the best for smoking. The smoke is smooth and slow burning. In every package you will receive Boveda humidity control pack. Boveda makes sure that the leafs stay in perfect conditions for at least 18 month.

King Palm mission is to provide a natural, highly functional, and an overall high quality choice for consumers that they can consistently rely on.

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In this image you can see how much herb you can put inside the cones.

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