Why it is crucial to use only water in your bong

February 14, 2020

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Sooner or later one might get an idea to experiment a bit with a bong and try to use some other liquid than water. By doing so smokers expect to open new tastes and enhance the fun of a smoking session. However, I would strongly recommend you to never pour anything but pure water to your bong.

Simply because other liquids do not provide any benefits, in fact they only can make you smoking experience worse. Alcohol is a substance that is often put to the water chamber by amateurs, who do not know that any alcoholic drink is THC solvent, meaning that it sticks to any booze once it passes through it. So using alcohol instead of water you effectively tune down the potential of your marijuana. Do not mix it up my friends, a drink is meant to be in your hand together with a joint, not inside of a water pipe.

Another liquid that I was in the bongs of my friends numerous times is a fruit juice. At first glance it might seem like an amazing idea, put some orange juice in there and get fresh not burning flavor! Unfortunately it works other way around, inhaling is not drinking, smoke that went through any kind of fruit drink receives a terrible taste that stays in your throat for quite a while. But what is more important, once your pour juice in your bong you are likely to never get rid of that taste even after washing the device multiple times, that’s why I advice you not to try this novelty.

To wrap it up – water and only water is the best friend of a bong! Make sure to change it after every smoking session, a leftover water is a big no to keep in your house as it serves as a massive breeding ground for bacteria, smoking through it may give you serious lung diseases. Stay healthy while getting high!

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