What makes RAW Onesie so amazing?

December 29, 2019

RAW Onesie at ISmokeFresh.com

Among all accessories that we have in the Smoke Shop, there is one that gives me exceptionally warm feelings. I am talking about RAW Onesie, the company which makes the best rolling papers in the world also provides a unique outfit designed for smokers.

Tiny original features that you won’t find outside RAW clothing turn this pajama-like piece of clothes to a functional suit. Here is the list of elements that differentiate it from anything else:

  • A pouch that works as a rolling tray – roll without standing from the couch
  • Hidden pockets – keep all the stuff for rolling and clipper close to you secretly
  • Removable velcro face mask

The onesie is quite thick, it will keep you warm during calm evening and crazy parties. Is somebody asked me to explain why I love this suit in 3 words, I would answer – fun, convenience, functionality.

That’s what RAW founder says about his creation:

“I just want to put it on and stay home, smoke out, then smoke some more, maybe take a nap, maybe eat something and then smoke some more”

Peace, guys! Keep you bongs clean and ashtray empty.


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