Top 8 RAW Filling Tools To Fill Up a Cone Or Roll a Joint

May 20, 2020

Top 8 Raw Filling Tools To Fill Up A Cone Or Roll A Joint

As you might have noticed, I am an old school guy. I prefer classic joints to all the innovative ways of smoking. The only thing I am jealous of is how fancy and variable all this modern devices are.

Terminator looking vaporizers, spaceship bongs, smart e-rigs – let’s be honest, it is way more impressive than our Jamaican candles. However, it is possible to make up for that. In this guide, I gathered a list of devices for creating a luxury rolling arsenal. Be classy, stylish and efficient!

RAW Gold Poker

Instead of using a pen to pack your hemp, feel like a gangsta and try out a gold poker of the most iconic smoking accessories company. Tie it to something with a cotton lace and be ready to proudly say “yes” when your friend will ask: Are you packing weed with a special golden device?

RAW Automatic Rolling Box

RAW automatic rolling box

Rolling a neat joint might be difficult. I have lots of friends who still struggle even after months of practice. If you recognize yourself as a person, whose joints are always crooked and airy, let this simple but brilliant piece of engineering help you. It takes just around 20 seconds to make a decent joint with this machine.

RAW Cone Filler

Right when I thought that rolling couldn’t get any easier than with pre-rolled RAW cons the company pushed it further. Combined with cons this machine completely simplifies the process. All you need to do is to perform a couple of manipulations that are almost impossible to screw due to the device design. Fill it up with herbs, place the con at the end and get a perfectly packed con with a single movement of your hand.

Available two sizes:

RAW Cone Filler 1 1/4 cone size

RAW Cone Filler King size cone 

RAW Cone Maker

In case you consider machines to be iffy and trust only your own hands, go for the cone maker. It perfectly repeats the form of pre-rolled cones, which allow to easily pack the weed inside with a few movements. The devices comes with an integrated poker for achieving the best density.

RAW Loader Lean and 1 1/4 Size

Another variation of cone maker, which is divided in 3 pieces kit: broom, poker and a card. Works best with king size rolling papers. Fill the broom with a help of the card, neatly put the weed from the broom to the cone, pack it with a poker and enjoy!

RAW Loader Lean and 1 1/4 Size

RAW Loader King Size



RAW Hemp Plastic Roller 79 mm

My favorite rolling machine on the market. It is compact and not overloaded with unnecessary features. Put a spacer and cannabis between the two moving parts. Lock them and insert the rolling paper in between. A couple of spins and voilà – an ideal 79mm joint is ready to go. The simplicity contributes to the durability of the device, there is barely something that can break. Therefore it is very likely to become a life time purchase.

RAW Hemp Plastic Roller 79 mm

RAW Hemp Plastic Adjustable 2-way Roller 79 mm

RAW Six Shooter, Cone Loader

There are bunch of different cone loaders and joint makers. But how about a one that makes a battery of them? Experience smokers argue that machines aren’t worth it as with experience you roll fast enough. Not in this case. Six shooter is able to create 6 cons in 30 seconds. That is something no one will achieve even by rolling two joints in 2 hands at the same time. Absolutely cool for long smoking sessions with friends.

RAW 1 1/4 Six Shooter, Cone Loader

RAW Six Shooter King Size, Cone Loader

RAW Wood Pokers

A set of wood pokers that reminds a pack of toothpicks. It is convenient to have it the as I doubt that you will somehow manage to lose all of them. Which on the other hand is quite probable with integrated and single pokers. They come in 2 sizes:

  • Small size 113mm 50 pcs in a pack
  • Medium size 224mm 20 pcs in a pack.

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