Top 10 Cannabis Strains to Boost Creativity

June 21, 2020

Top 10 Cannabis Strains to Boost Creativity

It is scientifically proved that a certain amount of cannabis can improve your creative capabilities. These strains will intensively help you to open your mind and look at the problems from different perspective. Are you ready to bust the barriers of the imagination?

The best uplifting strains typically come from a sativa dominant background. Their energetic and hallucinogenic nature fosters creative arts. Whereas Indica strains are very likely to lock you on the coach, ruining the plans of creating a new masterpiece.

Best enjoyed with vaporizers to ensure the cleanest and smoothest possible smoke with the minimum herb amount. It is also worth to consider concentrated form of the listed strains. Oil and dabs are the best candidates for providing instant creative hit without coughing that sometimes follows after the joint or bong.


Trainwreck is based on a strain fabled to be the result of a trainwreck near two brothers, forcing them to harvest their crop for fears of being discovered. The name makes it vivid – hitting this exceptionally strong strain might wreck amature smokers overpowering their enthusiastic intentions. Despite the fact that it is rather easy to get too high, by hitting the right spot you will experience bountiful creative rewards.


California-born strain, Sour Disel gives a piquant aromatic aroma. Being 90% sativa it conquered the place of the favorite strain for many celebrities, often getting mentioned in numerous songs for its highly distinctive smell. The tittle of one of the strongest cannabis strains speaks for itself – there is no way you will be disappointed with its potency.

  1. AK-47

The winner of many cannabis cups with the name of the most famous assault rifle in the world. This strain is just as reliable and efficient like Kalashnikov weapon itself. Fast and easy growth makes it preferable choice for recreational cannabis growers. Some consumers refer it to “one punch man” of the weed world. One hit will leave you with high motivation for going through your creative projects.


Blue dream firmly hold the position in top 10 demanded strains within the Californian family. Being a combination of Haze and Blueberry genetics it will lead you through 2 stages of being high. The first feeling is very uplifting and comes in waves. Whereas the second one is more relaxed and decent for calming down and relieving the pain. Great choice for unwinding after a busy day.


Don’t be tricked by its name – this strain will make you never forget it. Amnesia is a combo of strains from both sides of the Atlantic. A popular choice in classic Dutch coffee shops that excels in blowing away worries of the day to open the mind for creative thinking.


Originating from South Africa Durban poison represents the power of an unhybridised 100% pure sativa. It provides a unique taste that is often compared with liquorice. Low content of THC (8-9%) makes it perfect for creation of something throughout the day, as you will be at the sweet spot of being active, but not too high to lose the focus.


In cannabis world size does not correlate with the potency. Arjan’s haze is a chili pepper among its brothers – small but able to truly kick ass. It is beloved by growers for being able to provide huge yields regardless how it is grown, indoors or outdoors. Sweet and fruity in nature, Arjans Haze develops huge candle-shaped flowers with stunning light orange stigmas. Not only is the high inspiring but the sheer look of her as well.


Kali mist is claimed to be very effective in reducing menstrual pain and therefore extremely popular among female smokers. It is 90% sativa meaning that your inner creative traits will be effectively pulled out.


Choco candy is a must try for every sweet tooth due to its distinct chocolate aroma. It can serve as a complement to a coffee cup just as great as the real chocolate bar. An incredibly smooth high, the energetic and uplifting nature makes it a perfect to those who keen to explore the limits of the kitchen. Also amazing for making magical brownies.


A tribute to worldwide known marijuana activist Jack Herer. A veteran of award scenes, Jack Herer provides a high that is pleasant and ongoing, perfect for those looming deadlines and last minute creations. She can provide incredible yields when grown outdoors. The biggest issue with her is that you have to take a difficult decision – to keep all of her creative high potential for yourself, or to share it with your friends.

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