TOP 7 Best Alternatives to Bong Water

May 31, 2020

TOP 10 Best Alternatives to Bong Water

It's great to reinvent classic smoking tools. This list presents some water alternatives that are pleasant and able to enhance the pleasure of your smoking sessions.

Smoking a bong is an undisputed cornerstone of cannabis culture. Even classic requires some remake from time to time in order to stay fresh. Nowadays there are so many options how to smoke cannabis. Below you will find the top 10 liquids that improve the taste and smoothness of the hits.

But before we start, take into account that few liquids are simply inappropriate for a bong. Everything that contains high amount of fat e.g. milk is a big NO. You will lose THC due to it fat solubility. It means that you will kill a good part of your weed’s potency. Alcohol is also a terrible idea, especially mixing flames and alcohol vapor. Moreover, most spirits overpower any cannabis taste from the bong. The other watch out is any drinks with high sugar content.

Ice water

The most simple and yet the most effective trick – add some ice cubes to the water chamber. The cold temperatures of the water enhance the crisps flavors of your chosen bud as well as a giving the mind a quick blast. For a better experience I advice you to add some mint leaves or berries.


TOP 10 Best alternatives to bong water

Tea comes in an endless variety of flavors, including all manner of fruits teas to help enhance your smoke with your favorite fruit notes. The hot water can make the smoke harsher when inhaling. Hence, make sure you let the tea cool down. Ice will do the job just as good as with water.


TOP 10 Best alternatives to bong water

Most visually impressive than anything else. Gatorade is amazing for improving the vibe of the house parties. Spice up your bong with bunch of bright colors. However, in terms of flavor it doesn’t give much taste. Moreover, high content of sugar means that you will have to clean the bong thoroughly prior to the next use.

Red wine

TOP 10 Best alternatives to bong water

Remember the golden rule of no alcohol in the bong? Red wine is the one and only exception due to its magnificent flavor and low alcohol content. A good chance for the wine lovers to combine two beloved things at once. Much like the enhancement of the smoke with the fruit flavors in tea, wine does the same thing, which is why a red is the best choice. The smoke will be greatly enriched with this cherry flavor.

Cranberry Juice

TOP 10 Best alternatives to bong water

Cranberry juice has been my long standing favorite alternative to water. The acidity of cranberry helps you to keep the bong cleaner after each use and provides amazing soft flavor. Best enjoyed with ice and some mint leaves.

Fruit-infused water

TOP 10 Best alternatives to bong water

Basic water can be successfully infused with anything you like, from mint leaves to fruits of your choice. All you need to do is nicely cut fruits, pour some water and leave everything in the fridge for several hours. Other technique is to boil a mix of water and fruits for 5-10 minutes before cooling it down. It will provide even stronger and richer flavor. Note that peels of fruits like lemon and orange work just as good as sliced fruit itself.

Fruit juice

TOP 10 Best alternatives to bong water

Fruit-infused water provides palpable taste but it certainly does not beat the real thing. Natural fruit juice can really give your bong hits a delicious kick. Some commonly used fruit juices include apple, orange, mango, and grapefruit. Keep in mind that all of them have high sugar content, which means that it is essential to clean the bong before everything sticks.

There is no limit when it comes to water alternatives. Suggestions above are just a few from infinite options. Since every man has its own taste it is great to experiment and find something special for yourself. Smoke responsibly and share your own smoking recipes and techniques!

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