Top 10 Accessories for Storing Weed

June 21, 2020

Top 10 accessories for storing weed

It is wise to have a proper storage device. How to store cannabis is really important. It will help to preserve the taste and potency of your herbs. What is more, you will also prevent flowers from drying that causes weight loss and therefor money loss as well. Besides airtight containers that serve to boost the efficiency, there are also on the go accessories.

Top 10 accessories for storing weed

Storing tools are convenient and do a good job in improving 420 vibe. This review will introduce you 10 products that greatly complement a smoker’s kit.

1) Tightvac Large Size, Airtight Container

Tightvac Large Size, Airtight Container
Simple and sound airtight container ensures that the moisture and oxygen stays out. The capacity is a as big as 1.3 liters (3.25 oz). It is smell proof, which means you don’t need to hide it in the most far shelf. Container features easy lock system. Opens with a simple press of the button on the cap. Closes with a gentle push of the cap down onto the body.

2) Tightpack Single Blunt Carrier, Airtight Container

Tightpack Single Blunt Carrier, Airtight Container
I bet you have been in a situation when you put efforts into rolling a decent blunt. You take it to the party or smoking session with friends. Upon arrival you find out that it is damaged and lost its form….what a pity. Forget about such incidents. Get yourself a Tightpack Single Blunt Carrier. It is airtight and smell proof, feel save to have it right in your pocket.

3) SpaceVac Single Carrier, Airtight Container
SpaceVac Single Carrier, Airtight Container
SpaceVac stores up to 5 grams (1/8 oz). This capacity is perfect as a storage during short trips. When you want to roll at the destination point and need to preserve the herbs from moisture and drying in the meanwhile. Call it a BoyScout smoker’s device.

4) CVault with Boveda

CVault - 0.175L (about 1/4oz) Includes Boveda 62

CVault is made from a premium grade stainless steel. It is airtight and impenetrable by sunlight, which absolutely ensures no loss of oils and flavor. Multiple latch design with silicone ring on lid to lock makes it easy and pleasant to use. The capacity is  0.175 liters (1/4 oz herbs) to 21 liters (2lb of herbs) which is pre-filled with Boveda pack that maintains the moisture level for even longer storage.

5) RAW Backpack

RAW Backpack, Smell-proof

RAW Backpack, Smell-proof, Burlap, RAW'd Out Edition features 6 layers of natural materials that isolate any smell. Lockable silicone gasketed double-zippers will protect your little secrets. Whereas 7 unique patches decorated on the outside provide immediate identification of the most famous 420 brand.

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6) RAW Bakepack

RAW Bakepack, backpack
A bigger brother of RAW backpack in less eye-catching color. It offers better functionality due to more room and diverse compartments.

What do you get inside:

  • Siliconized zipper
  • Padded straps
  • Internal slot for laptop
  • 2 large padded compartments
  • Mini case/trap

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7) RAW Brand Storage Tin Case

RAW Brand Storage Tin Case 
A metal box that will look extremely sexy when completely filled with joints. A good choice when you are going to the party where 1 or 2 Jamaican candles are not enough. Thick metal guarantees that all the joints will still look like brand new even after some rough time in the pocket.

8) RAW Cone Wallet

RAW Cone Wallet
RAW wallet is tactilely pleasant and highly aesthetical. You can put up to 6 cones inside. It is smell proof just like all other RAW storing accessories. Can also serve as a great pencil case, if you quit smoking one day.
9) RAW Metal Paper Case King Size

RAW Metal Paper Case King Size
RAW metal case is designed to provide durable storage for the rolling papers. It comes in handy when you are risking of getting your rolling papers wet or crushed. It isn’t really necessary when you have a full-size accessory like RAW wallet or backpack. Though, some smokers really appreciate small stylish additions to their smoking arsenal.

10) RAW Metal Tin Case
Lastly, another really cool case that you can get for a few bucks and it will give you a bit of more atmosphere during the smoking sessions. Its size equals 4.5IN X 2.5IN X 1IN. which is perfectly enough to put your weed and all the rolling accessories.

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