The Top 3 Coolest Dispensaries in LA

November 18, 2019

The Top 3 Coolest Dispensaries in LA

It is time to hit the road and this time I am heading to California, USA.

It's a fact North America is going green. We are talking about cannabis legalization and weed sales are expected to hit the roof! I want to share my experience shopping at USA dispensers! Let's do it! 

I have always dreamed of visiting sunny LA beaches and taking a walk at the Rodeo Drive. As I am preparing to make it to California I will share my travel pack. I made a research and decided to take my time and choose my smoking accessories. As always I shop at my favourite, online smoke shop located in Toronto, Ontario. Really great post purchase customer service and fast delivery.

Ok, here is my #1  RAW Onesie

RAW Onesie, at, online smoke shop

Since it's cold out there I will be wearing my favourite RAW Onesie! I know it sounds bold but I just want to make it comfy as I take my plane to LA. 

Check this item out at this link RAW Onesie. Since I like to hide my little secrets close to my body, RAW Onesie is the best choice. There are so many small pockets and even a rolling tray! What else could you ask for?

My number #2  11" Beaker Bong with Ice Pinch

11" Beaker Bong, at, online smoke shop
You already know that I am a bong-person. I love taking bong hits. There is a benefit of bong smoking. The water filtration helps to cool down the smoke before you inhale it! It makes it easier on your lungs and less risk of irritating your throat.

I just love every part of it, that's all I can say ;-)

This 11" Bong is so far my favourite piece of glassware!

#3 goes to a Grinder by Hammercraft.

USA made grinder lays in my palm so smoothly, I love the way it feels. The teeth are super sharp and it never let me down. Try it yourself!

#4 RAW X Trappkit Black Stash Bag is my coolest bag ever!

RAW X Trappkit Black Stash Bag, at, online smoke shop

RAW X Trappkit Black Stash Bag, at online smoke shop

 You can keep all your little things in this bag, and it is smell proof! I received this bag as a gift. Now I have two favourite smell proof bags! RAW Smell Proof Smokers Pouch and RAW X Trappkit Black Stash Bag! What a choice! 

Smell proof, RAW Pouch, at, online smoke shop

OK, It is time to talk about dispensaries.

First of all picking up weed at these dispensaries is as easy as buy a chocolate bar at a grocery store. Overall experience is very smooth and pleasant! Out of all place I have purchased weed, LA is my TOP place so far.

I scoured LA to pick out my 3 favourite dispensaries.


There is a lot of talk about MedMen. It looks like Apple store for weed. It's well-lit, the design is superb, very stylish. You feel welcome and comfortable to make you purchase. My Numero Uno!


I was visiting Hollywood and on my way to the local attractions I visited MMD. It is located in the heart of the city. It has a wood panel design shop. I actually liked it. Budtenders are very friendly and quick to help. Reggae music plays and I felt a special vibe at this store. 

New Amsterdam Naturals

I find this dispensary clean, well organized with a friendly budtenders. Before I visited this dispensary I checked the website. The thing that made me give this place 3rd spot is that it's cash only and it's a bit pricey. I will miss New Amsterdam now that I've left LA.

Enjoy your read and stay tuned!

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