Smoking vs Vaping

April 11, 2020

Smoking vs Vaping

Vaping cannabis is the modern alternative to smoking it, the market of vaporizers offers dozens of various models, from compact one-button vaping pens to little computers with wide range of features. Is vaping better than smoking? In fact they are very different, depends which kind of process do you like more, anyways both of them are equally able to bake you.

In this guide we will go over the difference between smoking and vaping highlighting their pros and cons.

Is vaping safer?

Stick with trusted devices and reputable brands (ArizerFirefly,PuffcoStorz & BickelG PenPulsar). Let's talk about vaporizers that are safe. They are designed in the way that vape only passes through materials like ceramic or quarz, no plastic and glue near the heating elements.

Vaping Pros

  • Better flavor and distinction between the strains. Vaping produces purer taste whereas smoking loses many individual cannabis profiles.
  • Unarguably better for the health
  • Temperature control – find the best combination of vapor power and its amount
  • Efficiency – vaporizers extract cannabinoids gradually, so you can have extremely long and strong smoking session just with a little bit of stuff.
  • Stealth – vaping does not produce as much of an odor, especially with low temperatures. Moreover the look of the device is perfect for those who want to fly high under the radar.

Vaping Cons

  • Maintenance – the devices regularly needs to be cleaned and charged.
  • The effects are somehow different, people claim high to be more “pure. Regardless, it certainly feels different from smoking.
  • Not cheap – a decent vaporizer cost around $100. However, in long run you will save a good amount of money on weed, since you will need less of it.

Smoking Pros

  • Stronger overall effects, there is no vaporizer that can smash you as powerfully as bong.
  • Cost – besides the herbs you only need rolling papers and spacers that cost a couple of bucks.
  • Ritual – the entire process, from rolling to smoking, feels special and enjoyable.

Smoking Cons

  • Health risks associated with combustion
  • Less control – there are occasions when you can get way too high just with few puffs. Whereas vaping provides gradually intensifying effects.
  • Stronger odor – is very unlikely to smoke on the street without being spot by someone.

What is better?

At the end it is highly subjective and depends on personal preferences. It is certainly worth to try both methods.

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