My favorite bong. Why do I choose Higher Standard bongs?

April 23, 2020

My favorite bong. Why do I choose Higher Standard bongs?

Years ago there were not too many options in terms of choosing a bong. The majority of the shoppers would make a decision based simply on appearance and price. Nowadays, the explosion of interest to cannabis market brought dozens of creative minds that designed unique bongs that vary by size, shape, color and accessories.

More options certainly makes is better for consumers. However, the confusion comes along with the variety. Which bong will be perfect for you? Is style of smoking should affect your choice? Shall it be premium device with extra features that enhance the experience of smoking sessions or something simple and sound? online smoke shop

ISmokeFresh has an assortment of the best glass bongs in the market for the price that wont make a hole in your wallet. But before you take off to our digital shelves check out this ultimate guide. It will help you choose exactly what you need.

Shape of the bong

Shape of glass is the basics but yet essential aspect. Roughly all bongs can be divided into the following categories:

  • Straight tube: classic form with a neck, cone, downstem and a chamber. The size may range from tiny one to several feel tall.
  • Beakers: a bit of evolution to classic form, that ones have a big chamber that effectively filters the smoke and gives more stylish look.
  • Recyclers: Top notch devices of the bong world, they feature multiple glass chambers where the smoke goes through before reaching your mouth. The smoking gets extremely pleasant esthetically, as you can see how huge pipe line is gradually filled with thick white smoke.

Size matters

The only limitation here is the purpose you want the bong to serve. Whereas big devices provide better filtration and cooling, smoothing down the process of smoking, they are not relevant if you want to puff on the go or travel with your device.

It is quite difficult to find a perfect balance between efficiency and mobility, therefore many cannabis users prefer to have 2 devices at their disposal. At home the sky is the limit, you can choose a bong that will resemble alien technologies from outer space, just make sure that your lungs are big enough to take a hit from a chamber in one pull, as any smoke left inside quickly loses the flavor.

For portable device you should rather choose something not bulky, durable and easy to clean. Recently silicone bongs proved to be a decent mobile solution.

Which accessories do you need?

Let me introduce you to some definitions that you need to know in order to get understanding of which features you would like to see in your bong.

  • Percolators: aka Percs, used to further diffuse the smoke after the first water filtration.
  • Multi-chamber: features multiple chambers, each with own percolator or water tank.
  • Recycler: Links the chambers where the smoke is filtered multiple times through a loop, results in much smoother and cooler hit.
  • Ice catch: a very simple and cheap addition that has huge impact on smoking, the feature allows to fill the tube with ice in order to cool down the smoke before it reaches your mouth.



The quality of the glass plays a huge role. Cheap bongs are tend to be made from very thin glass that is easy to break. Here is a hint that will help you to filter out unreliable options – always go for Borosilicate glass, it contains 5% of boric acid and goes through a procedure called “Annealing” which strengthens it by a lot.

Why premium is worth it?

At the end everybody seeks for the best price / quality ratio. In terms of bongs, devices from high segment clearly give better experience, not only their look is eye catching but also the smoking experience is different. Once you tried a bong with an ice catcher it is very unlikely that you would ever prefer to smoke without ice again.

Hence, I recommend to go for “once and forever” strategy, choose a bong that really impresses you and use it carefully.

I test all devices that go through our shop, here is the list of decent options, use it as starting point to find your best bong.

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