I love Boveda Packs! They make magic! Here is my guide how to select the right Boveda size.

January 20, 2020

Boveda Humudity Packs at ISmokeFresh.com online smoke shop

Boveda provides an ultimate solution for securing the quality of your herbs for a long time. The pack controls the humidity level in 2 ways, automatically raising or lowering the moisture to a level indicated on the package. As a result, the flowers will never obtain harsh taste that comes with drying.

How it works?

The package contains a simple mix of natural ingredients – salt and water, which balance each other out holding the humidity on a stable level. The brilliant thing is that you do not need to perform any actions in order to make it work, just throw it to the airthick jar with your stuff and tactfully check the pack once a month, if you feel that filling became sort of rigid – it is time to change the pack.

How do I choose the humidity level?

There are lots of options, because similar packs are used to preserve cigars, wooden items etc. As for herbs, the answer is simple – 62% is a scientifically proved perfect humidity level for the buds, not only it prolongs the storage life, but helps to save the original smell of fresh herbs.

How do I know which size of the pack I need?

Each size of the package effectively works with limited amount of stuff, here is our information table that will help to choose a relevant option for your needs. However, keep in mind that you always can use a bigger pack despite of the small amount of stuff, it will last much longer than smaller ones meaning that economic effectiveness will be the same.

4g / 0.14oz of flower - Boveda 1g.

7-14g / 0.5oz of flower - Boveda 4g.

14-28g / 1oz of flower - Boveda 8g.

112-450g / 15.8oz of flower - Boveda 67g.

up to 5lb / 80oz of flower - Boveda 320g.


Are Boveda humidity packs toxic?

Here is my guide how to select the right Boveda size. 

Boveda humidity packs review 

How to store Boveda packs?

How to use Boveda Humidity packs?

Boveda humidity packs ingredients


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