Boveda VS Integra Boost Review. Our test.

September 23, 2019

Boveda VS Integra Boost Review. Our test.

Today we are going over two products.

One is an industry standard the Boveda humidity pack:

Boveda humidity packs

And the other is Integra Boost.

Integra boost humidity packs

We get lot of questions about the two products like:

What are the benefits?

What are the drawback?

How do I use them?

So we decided to pull them out, do some of our own testing and let you know what we came up with. 

Important fact: Ideal humidity level to store medical herb is from 55% to 62% at room temperature. Meaning at this level the odor, color, weight and strength is at the maximum level.

Medical flower should be kept in a tightly closed sealed container. For example:

Boveda 62 is a two way humidity stabiliser. Meaning that if the humidity level is 75% it will lower down to 62%. If the humidity level is 50%, it will increase to 62%.

Boveda humidity packs 62% have the ability to add and remove moisture.

So what is inside the Boveda humidity packs? So we decided to cut in two parts to see what is inside. We see here a liquid. All natural: water and salt. And in combination of both it regulates the humidity level.

Once Boveda turns solid it means you need to replace it. 

Now we have Integra Boost. 

Inside the Integra Boost is a gel. It's claimed that the formula is harmless. Intergra Boost comes with a little indicator card which has a red dot.

What you do: you put this card in with the Integra Boost and the medical flower in a container. This dot turns blue when it is time to change the Integra pack. 

So now that we know a little more about both products let get to the test results.

We put the same amount of medical flower in different airtight containers with Boveda and Integra Boost. We kept the containers in a dark place with a room temperature 20-22C for over 90 days. 


Boveda - the flower is the same quality and weight. We used one pack of Boveda.

Integra Boost - we had to add a second pack of Integra. The indicator card changed the color and we had to add additional pack. But in terms of the flower quality - it stayed fresh.

Our conclusion is that both humidity packs are good. No complains from our side. 

Are Boveda humidity packs toxic?

Here is my guide how to select the right Boveda size. 

Boveda humidity packs review 

How to store Boveda packs?

How to use Boveda Humidity packs?

Boveda humidity packs ingredients


Also READ: Here is my guide how to select the right Boveda size.


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