How to Grow Cannabis Outdoor

May 16, 2020

How to Start Grow Cannabis Outdoor

Cannabis is a unique plant with stunning changes in its appearance during the flowering stage, therefore it is entertaining to see how the result of your work changes over time. If the idea of growing popped up in your head, but you don’t know how to arrange everything this guide is for you!

Master the entire process, from putting a seed to the soil to harvesting a huge tree and enjoy home-made product! Trust me, it's not the same feeling like with weed that you buy.

Firstly, why should you grow outside instead of inside provided that you have such an opportunity? Because it is easier, natural sun and rain cuts down the time you need to spend for treating the plant. Same goes for unlimited space, you don’t need to worry that the plant gets too large for the indoor grow tent.

In a nutshell, the plan is broken down into the following steps:

1) Choose the strain

2) Germinate the seed

3) Prepare a container for growing

4) Transplant your seed to the container

5) Take care of the plant, feed it with nutrients

6) Increase the yield with simple trick

7) Wait for the buds!

Let's have a more detailed look at each step, there are plenty of essential things you need to take into account before starting.

Choosing a strain

Getting the right seed is really easy and convenient. There are bunch of seedbanks that send seeds absolutely legally. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that strain genetics plays a big role. If this is your first time growing cannabis it is wise to pick a popular and resistant strain.

This way, the cost of your mistakes during growing will be not crucial. Check the average daily and nightly temperature of your climate zone and choose the autoflowering feminized strain accordingly. I intentionally highlighted autoflowering. This kind of seeds go to the flowering stage after 3-4 weeks regardless of the light mode, which means that harvest is guaranteed in 8-9 weeks. Pretty fast, isn’t it? Also, make sure that the strain answers your needs in terms of the effects, have a look at the proportion of sativa and indica genetics. If you want your first plant to truly kick ass, go for pure sativa with 20%+ THC containment.

Germinate the seed

Germinate the seed

After choosing and receiving your ideal seed you will need to germinate it before putting it into the main container. There are several ways to do it, but I prefer the one with a sponge and plastic bag, as from my experience it provides the highest chance of germination.

It is as simple as it gets. Take a sponge, cut it in 2 equal peaces, place a seed between them, put the pieces together with an elastic band. After these easy steps put the sponge to warm water and make sure that it soaked a decent amount of water. The final step is to put the sponge with a seed inside of the plastic bag and leave it in a place with no light for around 24-48 hours. Check your sponge in 24 hours after and you will see the first root of your baby. Note that in some cases it might take longer. The time varies from strain to strain.


Prepare the container for growing

Choose a spot with a nice flow of air, if there will be not enough of fresh air a mold will appear and it will ruin your plant. Fill the container with high quality soil. You can get it in any garden store. Getting soil from your backyard is not a good idea as it lacks nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that are essential for healthy growth of your plant. For an average sized plant you will need at least 15 litters of soil.

Transplant your seed to the container

After you made sure that the seed is germinated it is time to transport it to its final pot. Dip your little finger into a soil for 3-4 cm depth. Put the seed into freshly created hole, cover the seed with soil and water around it. At this point it is useful to use injector. This way you will exclude the common mistake of overwatering your plant.

Take care of the plant

Cannabis plants do not require much attention. Just make sure that you give enough water and that will take care of it. A common question is how do I know if I put enough water? Just check the soil whenever you feel like watering the plant, if its almost dry, time to feed it. Keep in mind that too much water may be as negative as not enough water. The roots need to breath and they unable do it if you make a swamp out of your container. The plant will immediately react to excess or scarcity of water by having its leafs flaccid, so you can always adjust your actions accordingly.

Human beings are not the only ones who enjoy cannabis. Bugs and other lifeforms feed on cannabis plants. You can fight the bugs by following the basic steps below.

Regularly check the stems, buds, tops and bottoms of the leaves for bug species. Deficit of nutrients can greatly affect your crop as well. Fortunately, cannabis plants are very good in showing its inner status through leaves.

Cannabis plants require a specific pH to take-up supplements. In the event that the pH turns out to be excessively high or excessively low, supplement lockout might happen. It's worth checking pH level of the soil.


Wait for the buds!

It's time to gain patience, as the full cycle will take around 9 weeks. You won't be bored though, it's a great pleasure to see how your plant becomes strong and beautiful. Don’t forget to conduct daily checks, take care and enjoy!

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