How to choose the best and coolest Bong

December 04, 2019

How to choose the best and coolest Bong

As soon as you have a decent hemp in your hands, you always run into the question of how to smoke it. As I mentioned in my last blog post, rolling papers are still by far the most popular way of smoking flower. (By the way check out our Youtube channel on how to roll a perfect joint!) While for making a classic joint you just need a skill and a decent rolling paper, a bong, being the most iconic and potent instrument for smoking marijuana, has much more parameters that define its quality! Here is a short guide that will help you to choose a device that will give great experience and last for long!


First of all, think about the material of the device. The most common ones are glass bongs. I find them super fancy and attractive! Silicone bongs are rather cheap and durable, but they lack creativity what typically makes them look like a less flavourful option in compare to the glass ones. If you like to smoke with friends and pass around the device a lot, consider the silicone bongs, they are almost indestructible, easy to clean and extremely convenient for the transportation, just throw them in the trunk or a backseat of your car. They certainly do not beat the glass in terms of aesthetics, but in return it is easier to clean them and generally you will not find better outdoor option. In addition almost 75% of our clients prefer glass bongs to silicone. But again silicone bongs has began wide distribution across North America in late 2016. So they are relatively new for the market. 

Water pipe

The stuff you usually dab affects the type of a pipe you should buy. Dry herbs require a bowl, which means a large stem with 45 degrees angle (our 11" Beaker bong is a classic example). Whereas for concentrates the nail with 90 degrees is perfect. Do not forget to keep your stuff save from drying too much, not only it ruins the taste, but also reduces the effect intensity. In order to do so, always use airtight bags, like CVault, for more tempted smokers there is Boveda, Humidity pack *that maintains the humidity on a particular level. Here is a cool guid how to use it.

Ease of inhaling the smoke

A coughing fit can ruin a great dab, gravity bongs lovers certainly know what I mean with that. Fortunately, there are various ways to reduce the adverse effects of smoking on your lungs.

  • Ice catcher – a small detail that makes the process of smoking more pleasant and stylish. The trick in cooling down the smoke is in a partly blocked bong tube, that allows you to put the ice cubes without having them falling in the water chamber.
  • Percolator – aims to provide high quality filtration and makes the device look like a piece of alien technology! Combine with the ice catcher for the best outcome.
  • Vape bong – the cutting edge smoking device, the bud is heated to a point when good stuff turns into vapor, but the nasty stuff doesn’t burn. Add here filtering through the water and you get the smoothest dab ever.


Will it be home device or a fun provider for outdoor activity? Small devices are obviously easier to prepare on the fly use and pass around. Larger devices cost more, but great for home use and come with some room for further modification.

You should also take into consideration the capacity of your lungs, if you tend to take smaller pulls – the small or medium size device is for you.

If you wish to have an easily portable smoking device, but you don’t like pipes as they give really harsh hits, consider the Bubbler it represents a kind of compromise between the bong and the pipe, combining the best features of both.


A rule of thumb – the more colorful and sophisticated device is, the higher the cost. Probably for a home use the one would like to have something fancy, that also serves as a piece of décor and gives a special feeling to the ritual. However, if it is your first bong consider the devices that are less costly and have a room for adapters and future modifications, as with experience your needs might change.

As you can see, choosing a bong is ultimately matter of personal preferences. Hopefully this guide shed some light on the variables and shaped the idea of which exact bong do you want! Now highlight the most important parameters for you, choose the style and use promo code at checkout: "10%OFF" to get the best deal, good luck! team




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