How to Choose the Best Scale | MyWeigh Triton T3 660 Review

May 04, 2020

How to Choose the Best Scale | MyWeigh Triton T3 660 Review

You need scales if you want to track how much weed you are using or how much plants has managed to yield.

Not only dealers need scales. Any cannabis lover need scales to track weed consumption. Any grower need a device to scale which growing technique provides higher result. If you are into edibles or  concentrates, scales are super important for microdosing. 

We have already considered numerous accessories related to smoking culture, from very basic ones to truly exotic. Yet somehow we passed by such an important device as scales. Scales play an indispensable role in every smoker’s arsenal. It allows user to precisely control how much you smoke and keep stock in tight order.


You might be someone that like great quality weed. Or you are about to harvest your magic mushrooms. Scales will make your experience a lot better and easier for so many reasons.

Before we get into the details you need to know that all devices are suitable for specific purpose. 

So what scale is right for you?

Basically there is a simple list of features that defines things that you need to look for when choosing scales.


The most important part when buying scales is level of accuracy. Just an ordinary kitchen IKEA made scales that measure to 1 gram will not do a job here. You need scales that are precise down to 0.01 gram or 0.1 gram.

Here at ISmokeFresh we created icons that easily guide you to the right scale. Look for icons: 



Digital precision pocket scales that have a weight precision of 0.1 gram or 0.01 gram have a maximum weighing capacity of up to 700 gram. If you are a regular smoker and just want to weight your daily weed dosage this scale is perfect for you. If you are looking to scale large amounts of cannabis, you better get a scale with capacity larger 700gram.


We are talking about scales that will last for years. You don't want scales that show incorrect measurement. A good quality scales have been made with high quality components. There are few brands that make reliable scales. 


Here how you know that scale is a good quality. Most of the low-quality scales don't have the option of calibration. With low quality scales you have to calibrating the scales yourself. It is a risky business. You need to know all the tiny details how to do it. It's better to get scales that have an in-build system of calibration. 


Here are the most common types of scales. Again there are various types of scales on the market. Each type of scale has its own Pros and Cons. Everything depends on what you plan to do with it.


The most popular type of scales are Pocket Scales. This is the idea choice for hobby growers and regular smokers. It's small enough to carry the scales in a pocket. And it's a good balance of accuracy, capacity and usage. 

Here is our review of pocket size scales.


  • The size is perfect for storage and transport.

  • Simple and really easy to use.

  • Highly accurate. 

  • Low cost.

  • Battery powered


  • Limited weighing capacity

  • Small weighing surface


Platform scales are also referred as Kitchen Scales have a larger base than pocket size scales. You can weigh larger amounts of cannabis or mushrooms due to a large weighing surface. It holds a big tray and has a larger total weighing capacity.

However platform scales are less accurate comparing to small pocket scales. The weigh range is from 1g to 0.1g. 

Here is our summer of Platform scales:

  • Larger weighing capacity
  • Larger weighing surface
  • Powered by electricity or battery


  • Not too discreet
  • Less accurate comparing to pocket scales
  • Expensive


The most precise type of scales out there are powder scales. They can measure in milligrams—1/1000th of a gram. You cam measure concentrates or kief with this scales. Weighing capacity of powder scales is very limited.



  • Extremely accurate.

  • Ideal for measuring kief or concentrates.

  • Battery-powered


  • Not good for weighing bud.

  • Expensive


MyWeigh TRITON T3 660 Review

MyWeigh review

MyWeigh Triton T3 660 is neatly made with bright red LCD screen. It features a user guide right on the protection panel. User guide is easy to see and in case you need help it will always be there.

The precision is as good as it gets – 0.01g which is more than enough to estimate the best proportion for your joint. In case you are rebelling against the metric system there are 5 additional measures available.

All materials serve to be convenient and durable, especially the rubber buttons with very smooth and satisfying press.

Finally, it just looks cool! I personally love to see them on my rolling tray when I prepare all me toys for the smoking session. It gives a bit of additional atmosphere boost to the ritual.

Use code at check out for additional 10% off:


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