How to store your stuff fresh for the very long term! 3 easy steps. (2 min read)

October 24, 2019

How to store your stuff fresh for the very long term! 3 easy steps. (2 min read)


At I SMOKE FRESH we love good quality flower and we know how to properly store weed. 

We have been using and growing medical herbs for years now. And the one issue that has been on our mind is storing flower. Before we found out about Boveda 62% packs we used to freeze our buds.

However freezing it has it downsides. The flower losses its strength, losses the weight and becomes too wet. Freezing temperature causes trichomes to become fragile and break off too easily.

So we decided to make a research and find the best way top store medical herbs in the World.

We found out that the following factors have crucial impact on flower:

  • Temperature.Room temperature is ideal for storing medical herbs.
  • Humidity level. Ideal humidity is 62%. Use Boveda 62% to store your flower.
  • Light. Flower must be stored in a dark place.
  • Air. Your flower needs to be stored in containers like glass jars.

    We have created this easy step-by-step guide on how to store your flower.

    Read on to find out how.

    Step #1: You need to know how much weed you are going to store. Below is the link to our guide.

    If you use medical herbs for personal use and you keep around 1 oz (28 GRAM) you will need humidity packs Boveda 8 gram. For storing more than that use 67 gram or 320 gram.

    4 GRAM / 0.14oz of flower - Boveda 1g.

    7-14 GRAM / 0.5oz of flower - Boveda 4g.

    14-28 GRAM / 1oz of flower - Boveda 8g.

    112-450 GRAM / 15.8oz of flower - Boveda 67g.

    up to 5 lb / 80oz of flower - Boveda 320g.

    Step #2: At this step you need a Boveda humidor pack and a glass jar or air tight sealed bag.

    Boveda humidor comes in a plastic poly bag. Open it and put your Boveda pack and medical herbs inside the container. And close it tightly.


     Boveda 62%, air humidifier. Storing medical flower. Increase strength, odor and color. I Smoke Fresh, online smoke shop

    Step #3: Next comes the light and temperature. 

    Put your container with Boveda 62% and medical flower in a dark place in a room temperature. Boveda will start working the next 24 hours. It will increase the flavor, add odor and keep the weight it its optimum level.


    Is there a grower or user who hasn’t tried Boveda?

    The whole idea behind I SMOKE FRESH is less is more. We shouldn’t have to be slaves to dozens of different storing products.

    You should be able to simplify your storing routine, and pare down to just a few items that allow you to the best result. Boveda 62% and a glass jar are ideal items for storing.



    Are Boveda humidity packs toxic?

    Here is my guide how to select the right Boveda size. 

    Boveda humidity packs review 

    How to store Boveda packs?

    How to use Boveda Humidity packs?

    Boveda humidity packs ingredients

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