Electric Dab Rig Review

May 20, 2020

Electric Dab Rig Review

What is the future of dabbing? Many say it is the Electric dab rigs. Let's talk about how they work what's so special about this device?

We live in the golden age of cannabis, more and more countries get legalized. It leads to development of the industry. Days where one could argue about bong vs joint are gone. There are as many ways to blaze as never before.

Electric dab rings are the most innovative ones. Let's go over the features and highlights of electric dag rig, or e-rig.


Dab rings turn cannabis concentrate into a potent vapor. Instead of the bowl, like in traditional bong, it features a dab nail that is to be heated with a torch. The essence of this device is in smooth and very potent inhale that feels different from classic smoking ways.

Talking about the cutting edge technologies in cannabis market, there are also e-rigs. They exclude the risk of burning down your house when you light up a dab nail being already baked. All you need is to touch a button and take a hit. A great bonus is that due to absence of combustion the smoke is less hot and therefor easier to inhale. Moreover, you can experiment with heating temperature until you find the perfect balance of potency and smoothness. In fact, it is one biggest selling points of e-rigs. Feels pretty fancy to use it.

If you’re intrigued by a e-rig, but feel committed to the versatility of a traditional dab rig, then you might want to consider an e-nail.

The main variation in e-nails has to do with the kind of nail that you use:

  • Quartz nails give you a speedy heat-up time.
  • Ceramic nails keep their heat much better, so once heated, you’re likely to benefit from longer use before reheating.
  • Titanium nails are the best of both worlds, with a speedy heat-up time and the ability to retain heat. They are also durable, so you’ll find they last longer.


All in all, it is a great product, though there are some issues that might make you find that the device is not completely suitable for your needs. Have a look at the pluses and minuses and decide what is important for you.


  • As I mentioned above, absence of opened fire makes it save to use even for kids.
  • Quality & temperature control: A big yes for using concentrates is effective use together with smooth and tasty hits.
  • Portability & design: E-rigs and e-nails are designed to make life easier, compact form + one button activation = no extra work.


  • Cost: it is incomparable with bongs or hand pipes. You might feel like overinvesting.
  • Lack of versatility: While some e-rigs will allow you to enjoy both herbs and concentrates, others are only suitable for use with concentrates.
  • Recharging: E-rigs and e-nails rely on electricity/battery power, which means you have to charge them. A minor inconvenience, but might cause some rage if you find out that it has no charge at an important moment.


If you got a desire to try it out, we have got a couple of options with decent value for price.



Dr. Dabber Switch embodies all the best qualities of an e-rig. Sharp and elegant design plus just a few seconds heat up time provide great experience. Unlike many other rigs it features patent-pending induction that results in very smooth hits.

On a e-rig like this one you need to place your dab on so called “induction cup”. After filling it up you rest the induction cup in the glass cup and choose the heating temperature. As soon as the temperature reaches the chosen level the LED light will change its color indicating that it is time to enjoy the hit. Main parts of the device are made of borosilicate glass and ceramic, therefore it is relatively safe to pass it around.

My favorite feature about it is self-cleaning function. That simply makes life so much better, as you never need to do manual cleaning. Finally, the capacity of the battery is enough to make over 100 dabs, guaranteeing that you can smash even the biggest company.

The one and only downside that might be a deal breaker is the fact that Dr. Dabber doesn’t work with resin or e-liquids. However, you might find a model that works with both, but it is unlikely to have such a good set of qualities.

G-pen Connect

G-pen Connect

The G-pen connect is super handy as it converts conventional glass water pipes into a bonafide e-rig. Ideal if you have a bunch of paraphernalia and not willing to buy a whole new system. The G Pen Connect easily vaporizes concentrates and connects to any standard 14mm glassonglass water pipe connection.

Note that due to ceramic heating elements the device heats in a matter of seconds. Despite the small size, it still features temperature control like its bigger colleagues. As a berry on the cake, there come reverse airflow technology, a magnetic tank cap for easy loading, a spring-loaded carb, and an extended draw mode for the most steady pot heads.

To wrap it up, small size combined with 850 mAh battery and functionality make it a reliable portable option.

Puffco "the peak" smart rig


If previous rigs were high tech – that one is a true next generation. A future of dabbing heats up in 20 seconds to one of the four heat modes. Your only job is to choose whenever you want a moderate hit or an enormous cloud of smoke. Switching to “session mod” allows to change the temperature on the fly, so that every member of the group goes for the one he likes the most.

The battery lasts for approximately 30 dabs. LED light will indicate when the charge is about to over. Good news is that full recharge takes only around 100 minutes.

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