Boveda humidity packs vs Integra Boost

April 08, 2020

Boveda vs Integra boost at online smoke shop

Our own test of Boveda humidity packs vs Integra Boost

Boveda and Integra boost are the leading companies in products that help to preserve the taste and potency of herbs. Their humidity packs help to create the best condition for storing the weed for a long period of time. Both require little to no skills for using and both have 2 ways humidity control.

Boveda humidity packs at online smoke shop

However, trust to any product starts with testing! Hence we decided to do a little experiment in order to see how effective these packs in reality and figure out if one outperforms the other. 

Firstly, it turned out that despite having a similar working principle (creating 62% humidity level which is perfect for storing MJ) products have different filling. Whereas Boveda uses simple mix of natural salt and water, Integra Boost features a harmless gel.

Secondly, one point goes to Integra Boosts as it provides a bit more elegant way of indicating that the pack needs to be replaced, there is a dot that changes color when you need to do so. In case of Boveda you must tactile check the pack – rigidity of the filling would mean that it is time to change a pack for a fresh one.

To make an improvised marijuana storage you can use CVault Airtight Container, Airtight Glass Jar, or a simple Ziplock bag.

Boveda humidity packs and Cvault at online smoke shop

We chose CVault Airtight Container as a simple and sound option and put an equal amount of herbs into 2 jars with different humidity packs. The containers were kept in the dark room with 20-22C temperature for as long as 90 days.

As a result, both brands demonstrated that they are able to do their job fairly well. The herbs remained fresh and did not lose any of its weight. However, Integra Boost had run out sooner than our testing period was over and we had to put a new pack. Meanwhile Boveda managed to do the job with a single pack.


Both brands represent a great solution for highly effective storage of herbs. I would even say that it is a must have for those who tend to keep a big amount of stuff in house. The more you have – the more you waste with time due to drying and taste loss, hence the economic benefits of using the humidity packs grows with each gram you store.

Are Boveda humidity packs toxic?

Here is my guide how to select the right Boveda size.

Boveda humidity packs review

How to store Boveda packs?

How to use Boveda Humidity packs?

Boveda humidity packs ingredients

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