Boveda humidity pack review

January 29, 2020

Boveda humidity pack product review

As a person who smokes on a regular basis I always keep a good stock of herbs at my disposal, it helps to avoid the situations of not having weed when you need it the most. Imagine your good friend comes over and you find out that there is nothing to smoke anymore, that is certainly not the way I want to treat my guest.


The one and only downside of having a decent amount of weed is drying, after 2 weeks herbs start losing the original taste, whereas after 4 weeks they get so dry that the taste can be completely ruined if you smoke with a bong or hand pipe. Did you feel that burning aftertaste? That is exactly the consequence of over-dried buds. Not to mention the fact that with drying the weight goes down as well, which means that the reserve of your stuff slowly melts over time. The trick of preserving the original quality is in maintaining a certain level of humidity, which is rather sophisticated task to do, since you need a hydrometer and a bunch of free time for opening a jar several times per day for checking the humidity level and adding moisture if necessary.

That is when Boveda humidity packs come into play, it is an innovative accessory that allows to preserve the quality of cannabis for a long time. A single pack put in air-thick jar with herbs automatically lowers or increases the humidity to 62% - which is the perfect condition for storing marijuana. The brilliant thing is that accessory does not require any additional actions, just touch the pack once in a while making sure that the content is not rigid, if it is – time to change the pack for a new one.

The effect is achieved by mix of natural ingredients – salt and water, they balance each other out resulting in maintaining the humidity on the particular level. I highly recommend Boveda to everybody who tends to keep at least 1 gram of herbs at home. Check out our article that will help you to choose the relevant size of the pack and give some insights about how to use them effectively.

Are Boveda humidity packs toxic?

Here is my guide how to select the right Boveda size. 

Boveda humidity packs review 

How to store Boveda packs?

How to use Boveda Humidity packs?

Boveda humidity packs ingredients



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