Best natural herbs for relaxation

July 08, 2020

Best natural herbs for relaxation

You don’t need a joint or a drink to chill at the end of the day. There are many herbs that can be vaporized or brewed into tea and create relaxation and soothing effects. Some of them may even summon euphoric feeling that can elevate your mood. In this article we will go over 10 natural herbs that are proven to have relaxing properties and explain how to use them.

  1. Chamomile

Chamomile and vaping

Chamomile is a herbal tea that has been used even before the rise of ancient Egypt. It is a universal herb that provides many beneficial effects due to vast amount of compounds it contains.

Vaping chamomile is exceptionally effective as these compounds go directly into the bloodstream. It is a great choice for high-stress situations, thanks to its soothing effect. Vaping affects chemicals in the body that consequently relaxes nerves and muscles. It also increases levels of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain, which plays a part in promoting relaxation.

Grind dry chamomile flowers and vaporize dried flower heads between 175-200 ° C. The tea will also do the job, but don’t expect distinct effects.

  1. Hops

Hops and vaping

Well-known relaxing effect of beer partly come from the hops. Luckily, even if you are an abstainer, you can still take an advantage of its capabilities.

Hops have a plenty of beneficial compounds. Myrcene and humulene are main terpenes that are responsible for the aroma of hops. Moreover, those terpenes are even claimed to have the effects that are somewhat similar to cannabis.

Vaping hops causes immediate sense of drowsiness and mild euphoria. Higher doses might induce a hypnotic and slightly psychedelic effect that will be followed by a deep state of lightness.

The oil, which contains most of the compounds, is hidden deep inside the hop cone. Make sure you grind it very well and vape at 150–175°C.

  1. Blue & White Lotus

Blue and white lotus vaping

The flowers that are illustrated on many paintings and stone carvings from ancient Egypt have been long used as relaxants. Both species are closely related and have similar hypno-relaxing effect.

Users of lotuses claim that flowers cause euphoric effects that reminds caffeine or nicotine rush. As the result, the mood shifts to a more bright state, making activities more pleasurable and satisfying. Blue lotus has a calming effect that will help to get rid of the irritation.

The optimal vaping temperature is 100–125°C.

  1. Passionflower

Passionflower vaping

Passionflower naturally grows in many regions of both American continents. It has beautiful purple-blue flowers and famous for its tranquilizing effects.

Vaping dry passionflower releases a dozen of beneficial compounds.

Every part besides the roots is good to be vaporized. Vape it with low temperatures if you want to seat back and get a relaxing evening. The name of the one that is responsible for the effects on the body is chrysin. Also passionflower contains alkaloids that play a significant role in the effects of ayahuasca. In low dozes, like in passionflower, they evoke a general sense of well being.

The flowers of the plant is quite rigid when dried, therefor you might need to grind them twice before putting in the vape. Best experience will be provided with 100–150°C.

  1. Lavender

Lavender and vaping

Lavender is world-wide known as fragrance. Yet not many aware of its relaxing capabilities. Traditionally, people inhale aroma from sprigs of lavender to unwind the mind, or they place it under pillows for a deeper sleep.

The element that gives a distinct smell – Linalool, is also the main compound that provides relaxation effects. Linalool stimulates several biological systems and is essential in the production of vitamin E. Drinking lavender tea, or vaping dried flower will calm you down and induce a sense of well-being.

Vaping lavender is an amazing experience due to its delicious aroma. Best vaporized between 125–150°C.

  1. Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce and vaping

Back in the days wild lettuce was used as a substitute to opium. This gives you an idea of its relaxing properties isn’t it?

Indeed, active compounds of wild lettuce belong to the opiate family. When vaped, wild lettuce provides instant strong relaxing effect that make you feel chill and comfortable. Large dozes may even lead to psychedelic effects.

The temperature of 125–150°C is everything you need to extract its relaxing benefits. 

  1. Catnip

Catpin vaping

Catnip, or catmint, is a drug for our four-legged fluffy friends. It will make them hyper active and energetic. For humans it has an opposite effect though, vaping catnip will take away the worries of the day and fully relax your body.

What makes catnip so appealing to cats is the aromatic oil called nepetalactone. Allegedly, the same element is responsible for human’s relaxing effects. Generally, it is good to use for chilling out or getting a good sleep. However, high doses might cause a sense of euphoria.

Catnip can be taken in many ways: tea, tincture or with juice. When vaporized the device should be set on 100–150°C.

  1. Kratom

Kratom vaping

Kratom can provide both, relaxing and energizing effects. It solely depends on the dose and the type of leaf you got. In some countries, workers of monotonous professions use it to be more focused and upbeat – that is what low doses do. Higher one on the contrary makes you sleepy.

Unlike other herbs, kratom is more effective when ingested rather than vaped. The easiest way is to buy kratom powder and make tea of it. Small doze for uplifting effect is 1-2 grams. For a dreamlike state put 6-9 grams. In case you use vape, the recommended temperature is between 175–200°C.

  1. Mulungu


Mulungu is native to rainforests of Peru and Brazil. Extracts of the tree have been used as soothing remedy for hundreds of years. Also, it contains a wide range of antioxidants that are great for detox purposes when ingested.

Vaping mulungu is not considered to be effective. Classic tea of powder and 250ml of boiling water will do the job much better. Allow the brew to steep for 20 minutes before drinking.

If you are an explorer-rebel type and decide to vape – do it on 175–200°C, but keep in mind that effects might be different from the one mentioned above.

  1. Skullcap


Skullcap got its name due to its unique shaped flowers. The herb has been long used to reducing the nerves tension. In addition to calming effect, it can also provide mild high sensations.

The plant is well-known and therefore available in tinctures, capsules and powder. It can be vaporized, but the aroma is not delightful and traditional ways of consumption provide similar effect. Add one teaspoon (2g) of skullcap powder to the boiling water, let it steep for 20 minutes and voilà, your relaxing cocktail is served.


Vaping legal herbs can improve your physical and mental condition, help your sleep and increase productivity. Use the gifts of Mother Earth smartly and responsibly!

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