Arizer ArGo product review

February 24, 2020

Arizer ArGo product review

Arizer is a Canadian company that specializes in vaporizers. Aiming into developing compact, but high-performing devices the firm introducedArGo that hides incredible power in its small form, making it perfect for use both at home and on the go.ArGo quickly conquered the position of one the best vaporizers in the market, why so? We tried and figured it out.

Exceptional set of equipment

Besides the essentials that can be found in any vaporizer package,Arizer put inside a glass tube, case, 2x silicone mouthpieces, stainless steel accessory (dabber) and4x stainless steel screens.

Arizer ArGo

Powerful performance

ArGo is definitely above the average in terms of power, it generates an incredible amount of vape, which is simply impressive as the device has a size of a card deck. The heat up time is under a minute, meaning that you don’t need to plan your smoking session ahead. The temperature can be adjusted between50 °C and 220 °C range. All the information is displayed on easy to read digital OLED screen. What is more, the device automatically saves the settings you used last so you don’t need to spend time for the preparation, unless you are up for experimenting. Another outstanding feature is the ease of maintenance, quick brush out and soak in 90% alcohol is enough to keep it in top condition.

Arizer ArGo


Simple and sound, with mouthpiece off it offers a lot of stealth on the go, as it barely looks like a vaporizer, especially due to its tiny size, that perfectly fits to any palm. A shell made of anodizedaluminium and smooth plastic gives a feeling of sleek high-tech unit. Alongside with great ergonomicsArizer highlighted their priority in health and safety by constructing the isolated air path in order to make sure that no harmful compounds can be inhaled during smoking.

Arizer ArGo review

Outstanding vapor quality

Different from most of the other vaporizersArGo has all the expendable items made of borosilicate glass. Each draw produces pure and smooth vapor without any burning aftertaste – something that non glass stems cannot offer.Together with high power it guarantees the enjoyment of dry herbs at its best.

Interchangeable battery

No one likes when drained battery ruins the smoking session, in order to make continuous use possible, the device features3000mAh 18650 Li-ion battery that can be swapped in seconds avoiding the downtime.


ArGo offers a life time warranty on the heating element and 2 years warranty covering defects in materials, excluding battery.

Arizer ArGo

In a nutshell

Solid and easy to use vaporizer that differentiate from others by a composition of the following features:

Small, as powerful as larger vaporizers
Heats up in under a minute
Dense, full-flavouredvapour
Interchangeable battery
Quality materials and isolated air path for increased safety
Digital display and three-button control
Pre-loadable stems



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