50 Shapes of Bong, Do They Really Matter?

May 27, 2020

50 Shapes of Bong, Do They Really Matter?

With the boom in cannabis industry a numerous amount of crazy bong designs came to life. As it turns out, the shape doesn’t only serve as aesthetic aspect, but might have a whole set of advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of your budget and experience, there is a bong for everyone!

I find myself staring at the unusual bong at the smoke shop. Some look like pieces of the research lab, other remind alien’s piece of technology. Besides the creative expression being the number one factor for such variation, there are also functionality features that depend on a shape of the bong. Let’s go through the main types and highlight their pros and cons, so that you can take a rational decision when choosing a bong.

Basic shapes

Straight tube

It’s as simple as it’s name. A streamlined tube sealed off at the bottom so it can stand, a stem, and a bowl popping up on the side—that’s about it. Pour enough water to submerge the downstem, put the weed in the bowl and light it up simultaneously inhaling from the tube. Most of the beginners go exactly for this type of bong. As it’s not just easy to use, but also extremely easy to clean.


Allegedly, the most iconic bong design out there. The beaker works exactly the same way like straight tube, but presents noticeable aesthetic difference with a wider base. The wide base means less risk of knocking the bong over, which comes in handy for beginner smokers who get super high clumsy after few hits.


This is where things get less straightforward. Designs can vary a lot, but the main idea is to have at least 2 separate chambers connected by central tube. Utilizing a water chamber and percolator, the smoke goes through multiple filtration stage. Once it reaches the mouthpiece, the hit is much smoother and pure than you will get from classic bongs. Those kind of devices are much more expensive than basic forms. Also, it is complicated and time consuming to clean their curved elements. However, every smoke aims at as smooth and clean hits as possible, that’s why it’s worth a shot.


It's what’s on the inside that counts. That is exactly what you get with a percolator bong. A percolator is the part inside some bongs that is so distinctive that works as a name for the whole thing. The percolator dissipates the smoke before it hits the water, making a bubbling effect. Moving through this process, the smoke is cooled down greatly and the hit is wonderfully smooth. Certain bongs even have a number of those, creating ultra-filtered and clean smoking experience. Just like with multi-chambers, percolators are costly and will eat a bunch of your time when it comes to cleaning.


Bubbler is probably the cheapest and the most convenient way to enjoy filtered smoke. It is slightly bigger than a size of a pipe, yet features a water chamber that effectively filters the smoke making the hits smoother and cleaner. However, small size means that hits will not be as smooth as from a full size bong. The difference isn’t drastic though and I would say it is compensated by portability. Another positive side is that maintenance is not complicated. Hot water with some cotton swabs will do the job.

Ceramic designs


The most common bong materials are glass, acrylic and silicone. All of them are durable and able to sustain heat. Ceramic however, is becoming a choice among certain smokers. The main difference is that ceramic can take much more different forms. Hence, there can be some really sophisticated bong designs. When it comes to smoothness of the hit, there are little to no noticeable differences. Note that ceramic bongs usually way more expensive

Which bong to choose?

Wrapping everything up, the choice depend on your budget and smoking preferences. If you like the simplicity and efficiency of casual forms than straight tubes, beakers and bubblers are all good choices. Glass bongs hit nicer, but acrylic is more durable, less expensive, and far more convenient.

Multi-chamber and percolator bongs are great for regular smokers who want to get their smoking sessions to the new level. As I mentioned before, be prepared to pay some extra cash. It is worth for having a unique bong that will last for ages though.

Those seeking a bong for on-the-go use are best suited to a bubbler or straight tube bong that can even fit in a decent sized pocket. Regardless of the option you decide to pick, I hope that you will have a fun time. Take care and smoke responsibly!

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