5 Main Reasons to Try Breeding Cannabis

July 20, 2020

5 Main Reasons to Try Breeding Cannabis

Breeding cannabis at home allows you to discover new strains and find out the balance of cannabinoid ratios and terpenes that will perfectly fit your taste. Moreover, as I side fact, you will be contributing into something bigger – enhancing the genetic diversity of marijuana species.

Essentially breeding is a controlled reproduction of two plants. The greatest benefit of it is a potential to create a new strain that will combine the best qualities of both plants. Basically, what you want to do is to make the plants of different genders to have sex.

For instance, a breeder who cultivates a female with wonderful orange flowers may want to cross it with a high-yielding sativa male to get the best of both worlds. By crossing over the strains of next generations eventually you will get over subsequent generations, they’ll create a tall offspring with colorful buds. Certainly, it requires a great deal of efforts. It might take to grow multiple generations before desired result will be obtained.

However, the result is totally worth it, not to mention that the process itself is quite fun, as it’s a great pleasure to see the result of your work. It might seem that breeding is something for professional who have the entire labs set, but its not. As long as you already have an experience of growing Cannabis, you can easily do breeding at home, regardless if your farm is indoor or outdoor. Here are 5 reasons why every grower should give it a chance.

  1. Create The Perfect Cannabis Strain

There is a number of parameters that define a strain. Potency, effect, smell, taste – there can be thousands of different sets of these traits. Some smokers prefer Indica for its relaxing and stoning qualities, others love Sativa as it keeps you active and evokes creative state of mind. There are also smokers who prefer combined strains that provide a mixture of aforementioned effects.

By experimenting with breeding, over time, you will develop a plant that is perfectly aligned with your herbal preferences. The diversity of smells and tastes among strains is huge, but generation after generation you will be getting closer to the ideal mix of the traits. Strains with a similar terpene profile can be mixed to enhance a particular taste or smell. In contrast, strains with very different profile can be crossbred to create a complementary mix.

  1. Master your growing skills

Growing Cannabis is a continuous process that certainly starts with learning from mistakes but always evolves to a mastery if you have a bit of persistence. For the beginner the learning curve is steep, you have to read dozens of information about soil choice, fertilizers, lighting, airflow, water schedules and much more. Therefore building a grow box might seem overcomplicated at first. Luckily, every next step is easier and bring more fun, imagine the feeling when you harvest your first plant and gather with friends for a testing session!

The common beginner route is to start with autoflowering seeds that forgive a lot of errors. After you felt like you got the grasp of the process and can confidently repeat all the actions without going to the Internet you can try cultivating more challenging strains. They are more demanding to selecting the proper photoperiod and watering, but provide higher yields and potency in return. Experienced growers often experiment with techniques that allows to increase the yield, such as low stress training or screen of green method.

Whenever you are rookie or a pro, you can substantially boost your skills by attempting to breed the strains. Regardless of the current level you will see an increase in your general ability to care the plants and to feel if they are doing well or not. Take into account that breeding will require a separate box in order to prevent unwanted pollination of other plants. You will also have to learn how to pollinate female plants and how to properly care male bushes.

  1. Recognition And Respect

Besides obtaining a valuable skill you are also likely to get praised by smokers community if you develop a decent strain through your experimenting. Dozens of cannabis strains exist and many more are created every year. The flowers of these strains are judged and tested at numerous prestigious events and competitions, the best of which are given awards and prizes. You can become a winner and leave your mark on the cannabis world alongside developing your breeding skills.

  1. Discover Something New

Breeding is a kind of science as it implies as much experimenting as any other form of art. Combining the tastes that you already like may end up discovering something that you have never experienced before. This exposes a completely new universe of cannabis experience and nothing will trump the sensation of tasting self-created strain.

  1. Expand The Genetic Diversity Of The Cannabis

There is a plenty of pure Cannabis strains developed by Mother Nature. However, Cannabis became such a diverse plant due to human hands. Genetic diversity is extremely important as it allows to find a relevant response to the particular needs. Some growers require strains that have been bred to withstand cold temperature and flower fast, whereas others need those that can survive in the tropic heat with lack of water. Some medical users prefer rocket-high amount of THC, others need minimum containment of that and go for large volumes of CBD. By crossing the strains you are actively contributing to the future of genetic diversity which all the Cannabis smokers only benefit from.

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