10 best grinders you got to have! Don’t waste you weed! It’ worth the investment.

February 25, 2020

10 best grinders you got to have!

Grinder is the essential unit of any marijuana smoking kit. It helps to effortlessly mill your herbs to the optimal pieces, filtering out the bad chunks and saving the precious kief, which is the most potent in terms of strong tripping. Normally grinder is a life time accessory as it barely can be broken, hence it is rather cool to have a badass one which would give you good vibes each time you put a bud inside. Here is our list of the devices with decent composition of style, quality and price.

1. Santa Cruz 4 Piece Shredder

Santa Cruz 4 Piece, Grinder, Shredder, Shifter

A full metal jacket grinder that will survive even in nuclear war. It comes in 4 pieces including a mesh screen for sifting the pollen. Sharp teeth ensure the easy of grinding. The device is represented in 3 sizes and 10 colors, go big if you have a large company for smoking sessions or pick small if you like it compact.

2. Santa Cruz 2 Piece Shredder

Santa Cruz 2 Piece, Grinder, Shredder, Shifter

A smaller brother of the previous model. It can fit even to the smallest pocket due to its compact size, hence it will be an amazing choice for on-the-go smokers who are not ready to sacrifice the mobility for more solid devices.

3. Kannastor grinder GR8TR V2

Kannastor grinder GR8TR V2 series 2.125″

If R2D2 from Star Wars was a grinder, it would look like this. The grinder features configurable construction that can be assembled for store & sift or grind & go mode. Anti-friction rings provide the smoothest milling possible, whereas interchangeable plates allow you to choose how finely you would like to grind your herbs. Yet the best thing is that this masterpiece of engineering comes with a life time warranty.

4. Kannastor grinder 2 pieces

Kannastor grinder solid top with solid body 2 pcs

A lighter version of the Kannastor that is just as quality and stylish, but intended to have more mobility. Strong interlocking teeth work together with the knurled grips to deliver a consistent, fine grind.

5. Grinder Wood Sweerleaf cylinder

 Grinder Wood Sweerleaf cylinder

Small enough to fit in the pocket, big enough to do the job. The wooden surface provides more pleasant tactile sensations than aluminium products, while looking more eye-catching and special.

6. Grinder Sharpstone winding top 4 pc

 Grinder Sharpstone winding top 4 pc

Unique looking device features transparent top and grip design for more convenient milling. The grinder consists of 4 pieces made of aluminium. Is it just me or does it remind T-1000?

7. Grinder Electric Aluminium

Grinder Electric Aluminium

In case your requirement is extra stealth capabilities  – search no more, this grinder looks like a torch while offering battery-powered milling teeth. Just press the button and see how chamber get filled with grinded weed.

8. Hammercraft Aluminium

Hammercraft Aluminium

Fully metal grinder with very sharp machine cut teeth. Provides immediate and effortless shredding. The lid features strong magnet making it easy to use. Add here a sleek design with affordable price and here comes the optimal choice.

9. Shredtainer Dragon Chewer

Shredtainer Dragon Chewer

Grinder and an airtight storage container. A little bit of novelty by providing multi-functional packaging, Shredtainer integrates the grinder into polypropylene plastic container that is 100% recyclable. Additional latch on the top makes sure that the cap will never pops up by accident.

10. Buddies plastic magnet grinder

Buddies plastic magnet grinder

Cheap and cheerful device. It is very light due to the fact that it is made of plastic. Reliable budget option that is easy to clean. All colors are bright highlighting the fun nature of what is going to be milled inside.

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