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What do you need to start growing? The complete list for beginners

What do you need to start growing? The complete list for beginners

Initiating your first growing is a lot of fun, but as with any kind of project, a well thought preparation and certain resources are needed. Below I will provide a checklist of items you need to get to finally stop buying weed and make your own better one! Don’t worry, there is nothing special or hard to get there. Typically you can obtain everything in a single walk around the mall.


1. Seeds

The most vital and at the same time the most fun item to choose. Modern seedbanks have a huge variety of strains. Selecting one will make you feel like a kid in the LEGO store. Just make sure that you select a credible seed bank


2. Lights

So far the most expensive investment, a good LED lamp will cost you around $150. However, it is a single-time expense. A decent lamp will work for years and provide kilograms of weed, given that you have that much of a desire to grow on a constant basis. 

I recommend getting one with at least 600w power. Keep in mind that it is the most important item for landing an impressive yield. The seedling doesn’t need a strong light right away, but by the end of week 2 the lamp must be already up and running, otherwise, some of the growth potential will be lost. Especially if you use auto-flowering strains.


3. Growing space

You will need an isolated growing space if you grow indoors. Luckily, literally, anything will do the job well. Feel free to use a box, tent, or wardrobe. The size is the only thing that matters. Make sure that it is close to 80cm x 60cm x 100cm.


4. Ventillation

Your growing environment will need a constant flow of fresh air. Two fans will be perfect to do it. Check our full guide on how to choose fans and organize decent ventilation. 


5. Container

The size of the container ultimately defines the size of the plant. Generally speaking, if you are not limited in space the bigger = the better. Have a look at the article that will help you to determine the minimum size. Another important thing - if you decide to improvise and use e.g. IKEA container instead of the classic pot, make sure that you create some holes at the bottom of it. So the excess water will always be able to leave it. Otherwise, the roots may rot in case of overwatering.


6. Growing medium

Once you select a container, it has to be filled with medium. The medium is responsible for providing physical support to the plant, allowing root respiration, and holding available water and nutrients for the plant. As long as the roots have space, the right amount of water, good aeration, and available nutrients, your plant will grow steadily and healthy. If one of these factors is missing, the plant is going to experience growing issues. Typically growers use coconut substrate or in the soil mix, you can get either of them in every specialized garden shop.


7. Nutrients

Nutrients are essential for increasing the potential yield. They are divided into 2 main types, one is for the vegetative stage and another one is for blooming. Then there are many additional ones that are typically aimed at something particular, e.g. strengthening the root system. Thanks to the vendors, in the past years some full-cycle kits appeared on the market. There is no need in running around several shops and buying fertilizers one by one. Here is an example of a decent kit that provides everything in one batch together with instruction. 


8. Decanter or container with measuring

You will need to keep track of how much water you give to your plant. Hence, any container with measurements will come in handy.


9. Spray

Plants just like humans absolutely love having an evening shower. Your weed will be grateful and bring higher yields.


10. Socket with timer

In order to automate the light schedule. Otherwise, you will need to switch the lamp on and off manually. It is then impossible to stick to the same timings. Moreover, at times you will certainly forget to turn it on\off.


11. Thermometer


It is essential to control the temperature in the growing environment as too hot or too cold will stun the growth and diminish your future yields. A simple thermometer on the wall of the box\tent will help to track it. The ideal temperature is 20-25C.

Once you get everything ready, stick to the schedules when it comes to watering, giving nutrients and lights. I am certain that even your first project will turn out to be great and soon you will try the first homemade buds.

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