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  • How much do auto-flowers yield?

    How much do auto-flowers yield?

    Auto-flowers have become widely popular among growers, thanks to their quick growth to yield cycle and resilience to rookie mistakes. If you are about to grow your first auto-flower you are probably wondering how much can you expect after the harvest. In this article I will discover potential yields and prevent you from making rude mistakes that ruin the plant.
  • 50 Shades of Cannabis

    50 Shades of Cannabis

    One of the most fun aspects about growing Cannabis at home is trying different strains. There are all sorts of colors out there - red, purple, black, pink, green. Each single one looks awesome and truly varies from one another...

  • How to cure Cannabis

    How to cure Cannabis

    The curing is probably the most overlooked aspect of growing weed. Amature growers mistakenly tend to think that once the yield is harvested there is nothing that can significantly improve the buds or make them worse. In reality, curing affects literally everything: taste, potency and even storage life. This article will help you to make sure that you do everything right and make the buds even better.
  • Pros & Cons of feminized auto-flowering seeds

    Pros & Cons of feminized auto-flowering seeds

    Indoor cultivation has been gaining popularity due to how easy it is to create a close to perfect environment where plants will have all the conditions present for massive and potent yield. In many other articles of this blog I emphasized that feminized auto-flowers are the best choice in terms of efforts to result ratio. It is time to dive a bit deeper and discuss what exactly makes them so good.

  • Easy ways to control temperature and humidity in the grow tent

    Easy ways to control temperature and humidity in the grow tent

    Along with the light, temperature and humidity are crucial deciding factors when it comes to producing big and potent yields of Cannabis. Creating the perfect environment indoors doesn’t take much effort, and therefore it is an absolute must, given how beneficial it is. 

    Today we are having a look at 3 practices that will help you to create a paradise for your plant. Trust me, the buds will show a hell of a gratitude after harvest.

  • 3 Reasons why Cannabis leaves turn yellow

    3 Reasons why Cannabis leaves turn yellow

    Leaves that turn yellow may freak out amateur growers as it is perceived as a clear sign that something goes completely wrong. Fortunately, it is not always true, at the late stage of blooming it is simply a natural response of the plant getting ready for the harvest. Yellow leaves during the vegetative stage however may truly indicate that there are troubles. Understanding what your plant is attempting to say about its health is essential if you are aiming at getting a big and potent yield.