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Why do I choose rolling papers over a bong

rolling papers over a bong
Bong is great mainly because you can get extremely baked from a tiny amount of weed, it also filters the smoke through the water meaning that you inhale fewer toxic particles.

Yet nothing can substitute a pleasure of smoking a well-rolled joint, this process is not as quick as taking a hit from a bong. Taking your time, chilling and talking with friends while passing the joint around – that what makes this ritual so enjoyable.

A joint has few other obvious advantages. You don’t need­­­ any special accessories for smoking, just tips, rolling paper and some herbs. This enables to roll and spark anywhere you want, whereas you cannot carry the bong in the pocket all day long.

Of course you can use a hand pipes as well, smoke shops offer lots of functional solutions with creative design, just look at Hand Pipe Avocadope by Empire Glassworks, isn’t it a piece of art? However, sparking a slowly burning weed-cigarette with a picturesque view is still the inherent element of stoner’s culture that barely can be matched.

Talking about smoking outside with friends, our favorite RAW company introduced a number of accessories that make the whole thing around joints way more aesthetical. How about having your personal mobile magic box? RAW Smell Proof Smokers Pouch will fulfill the purpose at best.

Do you like the idea of sharing the joint because it draws people together, but you do not enjoy to smoke it after somebody? RAW Black Smoke Ring will solve it once and for all, no more drool on the tip of the joint.

Have you ever had all the rolling papers or tips finished in the most inappropriate moment? My personal choice to avoid that kind of fiasco is RAW Connoisseur King Size Natural Rolling Papers, it is big enough to make a small army of stoners high and have the tips included.

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