Where to smoke weed at home?

Where to smoke weed at home?

It is not a problem to puff if you are lonely wolf, you can sit on the coach in comfy RAW Onesie and the entire smoking arsenal can be freely disposed. Let it be a huge bong, rocket-like joint, hand pipe or any other device. But it's a whole different story when the family is around. Though some people may even dab with their parents, lighting up while hiding in the dark balcony is something more common for people who visit smoke shops from time to time.

How is it possible to make the process easier? Consider getting a compact bong that can be hidden under the clothes. RAW offers a number of decent devices that are small enough to keep them in the pocket, check out our reviews on cone chiller and bubbler.
Where to smoke weed at home?
Fortunately, unlike tobacco the smell of herbs does not stay for too long, especially if the hemp is not too dry or fresh. So if you take a couple of bong hits you don’t need to worry that the smell will stay around for several hours. If you ever wondered how to maintain the perfect condition of the stuff, you will appreciate Boveda humidity packs. You can also use ODOUR NEUTRALIZERS. My favourite is APPLE CRUMBLR SPRAY by ONA.

Smoke save and stay unspotted!

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