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What is Sativa?

Sativa type of Cannabis is typically known for its tall heights, strong energizing effects, and long thin leaves. It usually provides high yields and gives an effect opposite to the desire to land on the couch and watch something on YouTube. Due to its stimulating effects, Sativa is widely smoked during the day. Especially given that oftentimes it is able to boost creativity, launching incredible cerebral effects. However, it is not only THC that defines its characteristics.

For an ordinary bud-lover, pure Sativa is something special, as pure strains are precious these days due to the influx of Indica genetics since the 1980s. No doubt that hybridization with Indica has increased yields and accelerated flowering. However, there is a risk that 100% Sativa strains may become endangered.

How do you know it’s Sativa?
Sativa -
The appearance and growth parameters of Sativa are vividly different from Indica. Sativa resembles weed trees, whilst Indica looks like low-profile branchy bushes. It also stands out by rapid vertical growth, wide gaps between the nods and longer but thinner leaves.

The easiest way to figure out the strain is by closely examining the color. It's difficult to mistake a light green lanky Sativa for a dark green stocky Indica. The difference becomes even more obvious during the blooming stage. Sativa will continue gaining height even during the blooming stage, which can last up to 16 weeks depending on the strain.

Outdoor Sativa can reach for the sky but still land pretty moderate yields after flowering. Under the right conditions, multi-meter monsters can be cropped in order to reduce the height simultaneously with increasing the yield. Sativa leaves tend to have many more fingers than Indica leaves, 8-10 fingers per leaf is quite common.

Everything has its cost. The amazing effects of Sativa are offset by the inability of its buds to gain significant weight. For that reason, Sativa has been hybridized with more lucrative Indica. The modern Sativa-dominant hybrid still grows taller than most Indica varieties but buds have become much denser, and yield more generously. However, still not quite as tight as an Indica nugg, the 21st century Sativa bud is a far cry from the wispy, full of stems and seeds 1970’s Sativa.

Luckily, the enthusiasts from the seed banks with the help of recent technologies managed to significantly improve the yields of Sativa without losing the original Sativa high. Furthermore, selective breeding and hybridization have greatly reduced the duration of the bloom period.

How to grow Sativa?

There are several differences between Sativa and Indica when growing. Be informed and adjust your approach accordingly.

Indica seeds typically take less than 3 days to germinate, whilst Sativa may take a full week. However, once Sativa sprout they will increase in height rapidly and won’t stop growing vertically unless the grower applies some training techniques.

Feeding will also be significantly different. As opposed to Indica, Sativa prefers low doses of nutrients but more intense light. Which means that a more powerful lamp can make a difference, even though you didn’t notice any positive changes when applying it to Indica strains.

Get some patience as the full-cycle will take more time. Crop the yield only after you have made sure that there has been no significant weight gain in the past week.

What are the effects of Sativa?

Sativa is perfect for those who adore staying active when smoking, as it has a very uplifting effect. On the other hand, it may seem too speedy if you are used to relaxing under weed. In other words, Sativa is a day-time\party strain and Indica is a night-time\chill strain.

Heavy Indica is your ticket to deep and long sleep, muscle relaxation and calming nerves. While Sativa will certainly help you to have great laughs with friends and give energy for pro-active adventures. Some strains even contain as much as 0 CBD, which makes their effects absolutely astonishing.

However, even when smoking pure Sativa, keep in mind that dosage is still very important. Despite its qualities, multiple bong rips can still put you down on the couch and lock you there for quite some time.

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