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What is a bubbler and how does it work

What is a bubbler and how does it work
A Bubbler is a device that combines a bong and pipe by taking their best features. Its hits are smooth and strong yet Bubbler is compact and portable. Which makes it much more versatile. Moreover, there are bubbler attachments for vaporizers that work just as good.

What is a bubbler and how does it work

How it functions

Naturally it is a pipe-like device that uses a tiny water chamber in order to cool down the smoke and provide more pleasant smoking experience. Taking the best of its predecessors Bubbler offers the best size to efficiency ratio. Just like any other accessory, they come in various shapes and colors, but typically, all of them are made of glass with a mini-bong style.

Types of bubblers

1) Traditional type

The one that you use exactly like a pipe. This kind is the most simple version and generally works the same way regardless of its design and visual elements. However, there is a type that stands out. Some bubblers feature two water chambers instead of one which results in better cooling. Then there are extraordinary features like devices with a chain for wearing them around your neck (not joking).

2) Bubblers for vaporizers
What is a bubbler and how does it work

As smoking culture is shifting towards vaping more, bubbler developers are following the trend. Vape Bubbler comes in a form of an attachment for portable or desktop device. Other vapes might have a bubbler directly integrated but those belong to high class usually.

Reasons to use it

As it was mentioned above, a bubbler effectively cools down the smoke which results in simpler inhaling avoiding potential coughing. Also the hotter the smoke is – the more damage you do to your lungs, hence it is kinda wiser to always go for smoking options that feature filtering system. Furthermore, it is much more portable and therefore can be taken anywhere you want without any inconvenience. An average sized bubbler will easily fit into your jacket pocket. And lastly, bubbles are extremely easy to use, besides filling it with water or attaching to the vape you don’t need any extra actions, sounds like a good trade off.

Some drawbacks

Besides the one related to the fact that its made of glass and therefore obviously relatively easy to break, a bubbler needs some maintenance. Basically it is recommendable to clean it after each use, otherwise the insides will get nasty rather soon.

Hopefully it shed some light on this kind of devices and helped you to decide whenever you want to get one. Cheers and smoke responsibly!

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