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Uncover the Unexpected: My Journey to The Bulldog Ex-Police Station Coffeeshop

The Bulldog Ex-Police Station Coffeeshop

Amsterdam's rich coffeeshop culture took a fascinating twist when I ventured into The Bulldog Ex-Police Station. The unique blend of history and cannabis offered a captivating experience, but the decision of whether to go or not depends on your preferences.

 the bulldog ex police station

Why You Should Go:


1. Historical Significance: The coffeeshop's location, once an actual police station, is a historical gem. The ambiance is unlike any other, with holding cells transformed into seating areas, creating a conversation starter.


2. Friendly Environment: The Bulldog Ex-Police Station Coffeeshop welcomes all with open arms. Both staff and fellow patrons foster a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, making it a comfortable place for newcomers.


3. Diverse Cannabis Menu: Like many Amsterdam coffeeshops, it boasts a diverse menu catering to different cannabis preferences. It's an opportunity to explore various strains and products.

 the bulldog ex police station

Consider Before You Go:


1. Crowds: Due to its historical appeal, the coffeeshop can get crowded during peak hours, which may affect the level of comfort.


2. Pricing: Amsterdam coffeeshops, in general, tend to be on the pricey side, and The Bulldog Ex-Police Station is no exception.


In conclusion, visiting The Bulldog Ex-Police Station Coffeeshop in Amsterdam is a unique adventure worth considering. If you're a history enthusiast, appreciate diverse cannabis selections, and don't mind potential crowds, it's a must-visit destination. However, if you seek a more intimate and budget-friendly experience, you may opt for other options in Amsterdam's extensive coffeeshop scene.

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