What is a bubbler and how does it work
Smoking accessories

What is a bubbler and how does it work

A Bubbler is a device that combines a bong and pipe by taking their best features. Its hits are smooth and strong yet Bubbler is compact and portable. Which makes it much more versatile. Moreover, ...

Smoking accessoriesWhat makes RAW Onesie so amazing?

What makes RAW Onesie so amazing?

Among all accessories that we have in the Smoke Shop, there is one that gives me exceptionally warm feelings. I am talking about RAW Onesie, the company which makes the best rolling papers in the w...

Smoking accessoriesrolling papers over a bong

Why do I choose rolling papers over a bong

Bong is great mainly because you can get extremely baked from a tiny amount of weed, it also filters the smoke through the water meaning that you inhale fewer toxic particles.Yet nothing can substi...

Smoking accessoriesWhere to smoke weed at home?

Where to smoke weed at home?

It is not a problem to puff if you are lonely wolf, you can sit on the coach in comfy RAW Onesie and the entire smoking arsenal can be freely disposed. Let it be a huge bong, rocket-like joint, han...

Smoking accessoriesWhy it is crucial to use only water in your bong, at IsmokeFresh.com

Why it is crucial to use only water in your bong

Sooner or later one might get an idea to experiment a bit with a bong and try to use some other liquid than water. By doing so smokers expect to open new tastes and enhance the fun of a smoking se...

Smoking accessoriesRAW Proof Smokers Pouch, Ismokefresh.com

Why RAW Smell Proof Smokers Pouch stands out?

You might ask, what is special about this pouch and why do you even need something with ad hoc design just for carrying the smoking accessories around?First and foremost – its ability to isolate th...

Smoking accessoriesRAW Backpack at ISmokeFresh.com

RAW Low Key Backpack Review

I am so excited to use RAW accessories daily. I am super intrigued to get my hands on the new RAW Low Key Backpack. It doesn’t have as many logos as common RAW product hence it does not scream “I s...


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