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RAW Low Key Backpack Review

I am so excited to use RAW accessories daily. I am super intrigued to get my hands on the new RAW Low Key Backpack. It doesn’t have as many logos as common RAW product hence it does not scream “I smoke weed” shout out when you wear one.

RAW backpack review at ISmokeFresh.com

Those who were willing to possess a “MJ talisman” but didn’t want to disclose their hobby to every single person on the street can finally have one. However, a classic tab and the word "connoisseur" on the top strap still make the design quite recognizable. If you know the company – you will figure it out, if you don’t – then you don’t, which makes it pretty cool in my opinion.
RAW Backpack at ISmokeFresh.com

What impressed me instantly is the amount of sections and pockets for smoking accessories. There is a special place for literally everything: rolling papers, joints, cones, lighters, herbs, tray – you name it. The whole thing looks like an equipment of Special Service 420 division, I wish there was a friend RAW Backpack at ISmokeFresh.compacked like that every time we go camping.

The front pouch was designed so that the zippers come all the way down to the bottom, allowing the front pouch to open flat. There's zippered mesh pockets on both sides of the pouch, plus an elastic strap compartment on front flap. Each side pouch have spots for your tubes and prerolls plus additional little mesh pouch. It is very easy to organize everything neatly and memorize what is where, because each section looks and feels very different.

The main section features two large compartments that are spacious enough for a tray or laptop. The siliconized double gasketed zippers come all the way down to the bottom, allowing the front pouch to open flat.

The backpack is fully suitable for traveling, 6 layers of filter fabric, waterproof foil, mesh, and double knit burlap ensure that no smell gets outside and no water gets inside. Therefore, it is a very good choice if you want to go hiking and smoke one with the view when you reach the top.

To crown it all, besides being a backpack with decent functionality RAW Low Key elegantly contributes to 420 vibe. It will definitely enhance the boards of your hobby and make it feeling more special.

Get one and surprise your friends on the next party!

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